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Astrology and Mayan Tzolkin for August 31st to September 12th 2016

This is the "Care and feeding of a New World Age" report for Gregorian date of August 31st 2016 and 1 – Muluc "moo-luke" or Offering in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, with the Virgo New Moon and solar eclipse, and Jupiter entering Libra.

    August 31st is 1 – Muluc "moo-luke" or Offering carries the themes of water, rain collected in water pots, vessels of gratitude for life, clouds heavy with rain, the sacred jade stones used in rituals and burials, offerings made in ceremony, baptisms and purification, deep undercurrents of emotions, restoring equilibrium, appreciation for creation, releasing negative patterns, energy, and emotions, and accepting change. The day glyph for Offering depicts a fish who represents the Mayan water deity. The energy of this thirteen day period is about gratitude for life and cleansing the past for transformation in the present. Having 13 - Imix "e-meesh" or Crocodile as a day sign, this is my trecena, where I experience the five days leading up to my Tzolkin return as releasing the past to prepare for a new beginning as I enter my personal round.

    Since we begin a new Gregorian month during this trecena, I thought I'd discuss the metaphysics of the upcoming month. September is the ninth month and with the digits for 2016, when added together we get 18, then we add 1 + 8 to tell us that this is a eighteen/nine month in numerology. Basic numerology reduces numbers to one through nine, so when we think about that arc the 9 represents a time of completion. The new cycle begins in October of 2016. As a nine month, September 2016 is about completing tasks and projects that were initiated in January, and anything that is no longer needed is wrapped up and moved out of the way of the new cycle. This also brings the energy that what is begun must be completed. So this month is a time to tie up loose ends so we clean our plate for something new, as events begin to give us hints about a new direction to take. September is about clearing out the old people, places, and things to make room for their new counterparts which will emerge in October. The eighteen/nine combination is represented by the Moon and the Hermit archetypes in the Tarot cards, which is about having our principal of choice between authenticity vs. dutifulness, through completion, contemplation, and introspection. The Hermit is the archetype of the wise lantern barer. The way shower whose life experience guides others through similar passages. This quote from Michel de Montaigne from Of Solitude represents the Hermit archetype, "The finest thing in the world is knowing how to belong to oneself." This anonymous quote represents the Moon archetype, “The Moon’s gates reveal the unlimited splendor of the soul.” So September this year represents completion the numerological cycle to prepare for new beginnings in October, which is supported by Mercury retrograde completing its reviewing the past. Also the Hermit is the Virgo card in the Tarot while we have a stellium in Virgo, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in the sign of the maiden as the month begins. Virgo is about health, service and helping others. September has two New Moon’s, the second called the Black Moon. It also has a solar and a lunar eclipse.

     Before I get into the daily energy for 1 – Muluc "moo-luke" or Offering on the 31st all the planets appear to be moving forward from our vantage point on Earth, except Mercury, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto which appear to move retrograde or in reverse motion. Remember the themes of retrograde planets are the review the past, re-evaluate, reminisce and we can see these themes being played out. Mercury retrograde in Virgo until the 22nd would be a good time to avoid signing contracts or other legal papers, making any major purchases, or even taking a new job. If you can postpone these types of activities the terms will be much clearer after Mercury is moving direct. That may seem impossible, so if you can avoid these activities a few days before and after Mercury changing directions on the 22nd, when the energy is at its most potent, would be beneficial. Mercury retrogrades force us to slow down and pay more attention to our lives by making us focus on the details of our daily experience. When looking at a retrograde cycle of any of the personal or inner planets, it provides information about a correction to our present course. Chiron retrograde has us reviewing our wounds so that they can be released, by having the courage to open our hearts to any fear or pain associated with our past. If you find yourself recalling painful events or situations between now and when Chiron turns direct November 30th, it is advisable remain conscious while dealing with these uncomfortable feelings as they will reveal the path to healing and letting go of what no longer serves a purpose in our upcoming journey. Uranus in Aries retrograde, is seeking to shake our very foundation through the unexpected rebellion of the individual. Uranus in Aries will have people wanting to hurry the process of getting free. To push the river of revolution whether it be personal or political. Uranus in astrology forces us outside our comfort zone so we have to look for possibilities "outside the box." This is about unplanned experiences that disrupt our perceived and planned life path in order to move us forward in our spiritual evolution, individually and globally. Neptune retrograde is seeking transcendence through spiritual experiences. This will be a time to use spiritual practices to keep us grounded as we expand our intuition and consciousness. Both Neptune and Pisces, the sign it rules, tend to be dreamy, imaginative, difficult to nail down due to their qualities of illusion and illumination often without any way to know which is which. They represent compassion and co-dependence, selflessness and loss of self, higher purpose and substance abuse, in their inspiration to transcend the material plane and experience something beyond words and thoughts. Pluto the planet of transformation through a death and rebirth cycle, is retrograde, which is about reviewing the past, and is a time of releasing anything from the past that is a burden to our new path. Pluto represents death, completion, and in Capricorn, the breakdown of structures, to bring about transformation.      
     Ok let's look at the daily vibrational energy for this trecena.
August 31st is 1 – Muluc "moo-luke" or Offering: unity experienced through appreciating creation in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, while the Moon in Leo finds support from Uranus which brings a desire for emotional excitement to engage in activities outside our daily routine.

September 1st is 2 – Oc "awk" or Dog: duality experienced through enjoying family and friends, while we have the Virgo New Moon and solar eclipse, merging with the Sun, challenged by Saturn and Mars, opposing Neptune, and supported by Pluto. This brings energy to get organized as Summer is finishing up in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the South. This energetic is about health, work and service. This New Moon stimulates the T-square with the Saturn Neptune square that we have been dealing with since last year. Having Pluto at 9 degrees Virgo, I have been really feeling limited regarding making any progress during this period. This is an annular eclipse that will be visible in Madagascar, Central Africa and parts of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Mars conjunct Saturn can bring earthquakes as we have seen recently. Saturn Mars is the focal point of the T-square so the New Moon Neptune opposition could be channeled into taking action (Mars) to work on something you’ve planned for the future (Saturn). With this lunation challenged by Saturn and Mars, people feeling lonely or isolated and also irritable which could lead to needless disputes, opposing Neptune brings feeling sensitive emotionally but confused regarding the accuracy of what's being felt, with Pluto bringing out intense emotions and stimulating sensitivity, which also favors sexual relationships. New moons are times of new beginnings and in Virgo is about discernment, organization, and discrimination. This may be a time to create a new plan, or organize your closets or computer, or clean up your house.  New Moons bring the opportunity to set an intention for manifestation on the following full moon. Look to the house of your astrology chart that contains 9 degrees 21 minutes Virgo to consider what area of your life is being activated by this new moon. For me that would be my fourth house of the home and inner world, so I would set an intention related to using this energy, such cleaning or doing home repairs or some type of inner work on myself on that day. That would fulfill the Virgo New Moon's desire for organization and refinement through the fourth house's role of inner world and the home. Also on the 1st the Sun squares Saturn which stimulates the mutable T-square with Neptune, and Saturn requires effort be made for a successful outcome. This has people feeling unlucky and brings up issues that were difficult to handle but the effect doesn't last more than a few days. It really brings up two questions. What do you owe others? and what do you owe yourself? This is a conflict between self gratification and duty to others. This tension between two poles may seem limiting and depressing, as we want to break out of this rut, but find that the restrictions are holding us back from being ourselves. Folks will not want to go to work or school or interact with people they prefer not associate with. This energy is good for introspection and finding solitude. It can also bring resentments as obstacles interfere with our wishes to do what we want. Under this influence people make assumptions without checking the facts, which is not favorable for relationships with authority figures. The best use of this transit is to channel the energy into self discipline. Often others are not holding us back, but we are projecting our internal restraint outwards onto people in our immediate environment. This is a low physical and psychological energy transit, so you may feel the weight of the world is to heavy. It may also bring up questions that we have been avoiding answering and negative thoughts. This transit shows our vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and gives us an idea about what we can work on to gain greater confidence.

September 2nd is 3 – Chuen "shoe-in" or Monkey: taking action through creating something new, while the Sun opposes Neptune which continues to activate the mutable T-square with Saturn, which in Virgo and Pisces is about transcendence through service, and brings considerable confusion and uncertainty, but it also confers a sensitivity to others and their needs, which can lead to new awareness. Having planets near 10 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces will feel particularly intense. This is likely to be a day where people may just agree with others to avoid any type of confrontation. It's best to avoid playing the victim or martyr role, if you feel you can't assert yourself under this influence, its best to delay any disagreements until you've given yourself time to reflect on the issue. This is also a time to be aware that people may be being out right deceptive, making it a poor time to negotiate any contractual agreements. This transit is positive for experiencing more depth in spiritual connections with a partner, with the potential for union of souls. Also on the 2nd Mercury conjuncts Jupiter has us looking at the larger issues in life. It helps our comprehension by seeing the bigger perspective and incorporating new information. This also brings more tolerance of the view points of others. This is a time of evaluating our hopes and dreams along with our overall plans for the future. This can be quite optimistic and particularly good for business and commercial transactions, contract negotiations, and dealings with the law, especially if we recognize that we get what we want by helping others fulfill their needs. Encouragement come naturally during this transit. We are likely feel our communications are expansive not only in quantity but also in scopes of topics. With Virgo 's influence, we may experience this as an expansive idea that flows right into industrious implementation or at least organization and planning of what has been revealed. Also on the 2nd the Moon in Virgo merges with Jupiter and Mercury which brings good feelings and generosity towards others, while also having positive energy for integrating our thoughts and moods.

The 3rd is 4 Eb "eb" or Road: stability through serving your community, while the Libra Moon merges with Venus and harmonizes with Saturn which shifts from feeling cheerful, warm, gregarious, and wanting to go out and socialize, to later wanting to be alone in our thoughts and feelings.

September 4th is 5 – Ben "ben" or Reed or Corn: empowerment through maintaining the home, while Moon in Libra is challenged by Pluto, stimulated by Mars, and opposed by Uranus, which moves from having the compulsion to act in ways that may not be good for us in the long run, to later having the desire to work independently from others, and finally folks are emotionally excitable and impulsive.

The 5th is 6 Ix "eesh" or Jaguar: being in the flow through enjoying nature, while Moon in Libra makes no angles and is void of course until moving into Scorpio, which does not favor major decisions or purchases, but is good to use for resting to assimilate this latest round of energy and experiences.

September 6th is 7 Men "men" or Eagle: reflection through seeing from a higher perspective, with the Moon in Scorpio finds support from Neptune, and harmonizes with the Sun and Pluto, which changes from our innermost subconscious fantasies and daydreams confusing reality, which may not be great for accomplishing much work, to later feeling balance between our inner and outer worlds, and finally having deep emotions finding their way to the surface and felt on a profound level.

The 7th is 8 – Cib "keeb" or Wisdom: balance through introspection, meditation and forgiveness, with the Sun trines Pluto which brings very intense and powerful experiences which may illuminate our deepest psychology and darkest normally unseen mental realms. This is great transformational energy for investigation into what parts of our lives should be reformed. This transit illuminates our motives and is great for studying our inner workings. People are more likely to express themselves more forcefully which can make an impact on someone, but be careful of folks who use this energy for ruthless or selfish purposes. The best use of this energy is for your own personal growth and evolution. Also on the 7th Venus sextiles Saturn. With Saturn harmonizing with Venus we feel, in a positive way, the obligations in our relationships. There is a sense of duty of being of service to our loved ones. People will be more likely to hold group ideals above their own for a day or so. This is a day to be clear about our relationships based on concrete reality rather than wishful thinking. This would be a good day to sit down with your lover to discuss your relationship, where a conscious understanding can be reached about what each of you expects from the partnership. Remember they're not perfect either and move forward with open eyes. Because of the focus on practical reality, this transit can be good for business dealings. Creative activities that require a close attention to detail are favored under this transit. It also may bring new friendships or relationships with older people or you may be the older person. Also on the 7th the Moon in Scorpio harmonizes with Mercury and Jupiter which shifts from people feeling chatty and having numerous conversations, to later feeling in the flow and having a sense of wholeness.

September 8th is 9 – Caban "kah-ban" or Earth: patience experienced through gratitude for Mother Earth, while Sagittarius Moon merges with Saturn, is challenged by Neptune, and harmonizes with Venus which moves from wanting to be alone in our thoughts and feelings, to later daydreams and fantasies feeling more important than reality, and finally having pleasant energy to be with friends and loved ones.

The 9th is 10 – Etznab "etz-nob" or Flint: manifestation through being introspective, with Jupiter entering Libra and will stay in the sign of the scales until October 10th 2017. Jupiter brings it’s expansiveness and luck to relationships, beauty, balance, talent, and being creative. This will be a time when people will work on their problems with their partners, rather than seek to end the pairing. Jupiter will bring opportunities for folks with planets in Libra. Jupiter sees the big picture, in Libra we will see the benefit of sharing the experience with another. We may expand outside of our comfort zones while Jupiter is in Libra, generously sharing with another, whether it’s resources or knowledge. Also on the 9th the first quarter Moon in Sagittarius challenged by the Sun, and Mercury, merging with Mars, and finding support from Uranus, which changes from bringing challenges to following a daily routine, to later experiencing irritable moods and critical communications, followed by our moods influencing our ability to think rationally, and finally having the impulse to engage in activities that make us feel more alive.

September 10th is 11 – Cauac "cow-ack" or Storm: resolution through recognizing the gifts in adversity, while Saturn squares Neptune, which brings uncertainty and confusion blurring the details of everyday life. The best way to cope is to make life as simple as possible. Folks will be questioning all aspects of their lives, their ambitions and goals, and whether they are attainable even whether they are worthy of those pursuits. Neptune has them question whether the universe is against their achieving their ideals. This can be a time of insecurity, pessimism, disappointment, and discouragement. The world we believe is grounded in reality is changing as structures dissolve, rules vanish, and people question what they thought they could depend on, as what once seemed solid is washed away. Neptune can bring disillusion and the desire to disconnect through substances to avoid the Saturnian hardship. The other way this may work out is the dreams, represented by Neptune, could over time with effort, become reality represented by Saturn. The Neptune Saturn squares will blur limits, boundaries, structures, laws, security, responsibilities, oppression, and government. Just remember this is temporary and try not to let negative thinking undermine your hopes and dreams, this will eventually lead to a very constructive period based on the upon the new understanding that comes about through this process. Also on the 10th Mercury is opposed by Chiron can bring a greater focus in our thinking regarding issues that require release to promote healing and can take us more deeply into our past wounds to allow more organized insights that seek resolution. We may feel uncomfortable and unsettled as old emotions come to the surface in our conscious minds so they can be healed. Also on the 10th the Capricorn Moon challenged by Jupiter which brings benevolent and generous feelings for those in our immediate environment.

The 11th is 12 – Ahau "ah-how" or Sun: understanding through honoring the wisdom and memory of our ancestors, with Venus square Pluto, which intensifies our emotional experiences and expression. It also brings a few days that are more challenging for relationships, as it brings secrets out into the open. This is a time of being drawn into powerful love experiences that change our consciousness, at least for a time. This may bring changes to a relationship, that our only recourse is to surrender and accommodate the shift, which can be difficult because we crave stability in relationships, and at these times relationships are anything but stable. Probably the best option is to hold loosely to those we love for a few days before and after the 11th. This could also be a time when we might hear from or contemplate contacting a former lover. Also on the 11th the Moon in Capricorn in harmony with Neptune, merging with Pluto, challenged by Mercury, and support by the Sun which shifts from being very sensitive to the moods of others, to later having more intense moods rising to the surface from deep in our psyches, followed by having pleasant energy to be with friends and loved ones, and finally having a sense of harmony within ourselves and supports any type of group activity and relationships with the opposite sex.

September 12th is 13 – Imix "e-meesh" or Crocodile: movement to the next stage through nurturing new beginnings, while Mercury squares Mars, has people feeling touchy and irritable, with almost any communication interpreted as a challenge. Hard to imagine that someone doesn't get set off by the implied attitude of this transit. People will feel the drive to defend their ideas, from a simple debate to and all out fight. This time it would be important to realize beliefs and thoughts can change and to not identify our ego with them. This transit that indicates the potential to be involved in accidents. This particularly likely for someone who trying to suppress their anger. Also on the 12th the Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury which prior to turning retrograde Mercury appears to be way out in front of the Sun, then retrogrades back to conjoin the Sun, and then falls behind the Sun. To illustrate this; prior to mechanized warfare Generals would send their cavalry ahead of the infantry to scout out the enemy's location, find possible resources, as well as the lay of the terrain to move the troops with maximum efficiency, safety and to their strategic advantage. I like to think of Mercury when it is stretching out in front of the Sun as gathering intelligence to report back to our consciousness' during its conjunction to the Sun. [Using these two markers connected with a rubber band, I am hoping to illustrate this pattern. When Mercury, represented by the black marker, is in front of the Sun, represented by the red marker, it becomes easier to be overwhelmed by the increase in new information that seems to have no place to be deposited. This can increase our anxiety and the sense of losing control. As Mercury retrogrades the tension decreases until it merges with the Sun, which occurs on September 12th, finding the destination for the intelligence it has gathered. Once behind the Sun, Mercury feels as though it is creating drag that retards the possibility of implementing the new data until it regains forward motion in its pursuit of the Sun on September 22nd.] Also on the 12th the Moon supported by Mercury and Jupiter, and challenged by Uranus which moves from being more in touch with our feelings and able to share them with others, to later folks acting hasty and jumping to conclusions that may not be correct, and finally people having a pleasant sense of well-being.

    So no matter what energies are affecting you during this 1 Offering trecena, take some time to be in the flow of the planet by being in nature, watching a sunrise or sunset, communing with the stars, being conscious of the moment through introspection, meditation or being with someone you love. Every day is a blessing no matter what dramas beckon to distract us. We are all giving the performance of a life time on this world stage, just take some time to observe the play as well as act your part. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

    Thank you for checking out New World Birth. The next segment of "Care and feeding of a New World Age" will be on September 13th for 1 – Ik "eek" or Wind, the Pisces Full Moon and lunar eclipse, Mercury turning direct, the Sun entering Libra for the Equinox, and Venus entering Scorpio. You can check us out on Facebook, YouTube and the Mayan Majix website. I encourage you to share this information as videos or text as widely as you choose. As always I invite you to contact me at if you have any questions or wish to schedule a reading. I am providing readings and wish to make this service available to the greatest amount of folks, so I’ve created three options with three levels of compensation. If you've been thinking about getting a reading, please contact me, as I would like to provide you a reading during these uncertain times. You will need to be able to either call me in Maine in the U.S.A. or connect with Skype to receive your reading. We are also accepting donations to keep these reports freely available. As always I am blessed that you've taken the time to connect with my passion for these ancient mysteries and their application to our journey during this incarnation. The light in me honors the light in you… Namaste – In Lak’ech - <3

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