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New World Birth – Seven Years of De-conditioning – Year One - part one

This is my story of coming to the knowledge of Human Design and "Seven Years of De-conditioning" for Year One (part 1) from June to December 2010.

My Human Design journey began June 8th 2010, when I received a foundation reading from Randy Richmond, but before I get to all of that, I want to share some background information to set the stage.

          I have always been interested in astrology, which I studied and gave readings in since about the time of my Saturn return. Actually it was before that, around 1988, when I moved from Kittery Maine to San Francisco. I also studied Tarot and used to give readings on a 900 number. I studied and taught Yoga and graduated from the Iyengar Yoga Institute of SF’s teacher training program in 1995, and studied with BKS Iyengar in Pune India in 1998. My yoga studies included the mechanics of the Chakra system. In 2006, it was the Mayan Calendar that absorbed my need to investigate, which I continued until being found by Human Design, and as you’ll see was the source of many of my vocational invitations. So prior to Human Design I had many different systems that I was using to understand myself, others, and the nature of external energy on life cycles and global cycles. And each time I found a new system, I was consumed in my study, where it became something I worked on daily, and Human Design would be no different.

          I became aware of Human Design in May 2010, when my friend Stuart Smith, a classically trained astrologer, informed me that he had found a system he had been looking for, for twenty years. He had heard a pod cast by Genoa Bliven discussing the Human Design system. He told me, it combined astrology with the I'Ching, the Chakra system and the Kabalistic Tree of Life. He told me that he had investigated several analysts and selected Randy Richmond, to get a foundation reading. He then invited me to do the same. So I contacted Randy, a fellow projector, and received my foundation reading on June 8th 2010. He told me "You are here to call people to wonder" and later "You can be useful and helpful, and help fix people."

          This is my chart. I am a 5-1 profile, with emotional authority, triple split projector, on the Quarter of Mutation’s Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty.

          Randy began the reading with great Projector information like Projectors are “Looking for a life, not a job. Projectors are here to guide the work of other people.” “Projectors see where energy is wasted and make it more efficient. Don’t overwork. You have nothing to prove.” “You see everything. Projectors are here looking for a life. The right kind of life to live. What’s very important to them is who the other person is. Who the other person is. How do they impact me? Because that’s how you’re going to recognize how to be influential.” “We’re not group people. Because we’re a laser beam. We focus on the other. We focus on their G-center. Their identity… the second gate… We have this ability to penetrate the other.” “We devourer the other.” “Projectors need your own space. Especially when sleeping. If you’re sleeping with someone, they are conditioning you in your sleep.” “Projectors hate wasted energy.”  “We are very curios people. One of the key notes for a projector is absorbing. We absorb things. We take it in.” We’re “here to be recognized.” “Money is energy. We can get a reputation for over controlling resources. Being cheap. Not true.”

          Randy also shared some Human Design gems like “How to be a good passenger in your vehicle. Your vehicle is also your life. What is in Red comes from this planet. It has composition. It is your blood, that’s why it’s in red. What is in black comes from the stars. It is star born.” And…“70% of the neutrinos we receive come from the sun. Neutrinos are sub-atomic particles. They have mass. Their mass is made up of information. Star information. In astrology neutrinos pass through Mars and those neutrinos then pass through you. Leave a some of Mars in you and take a some of you out into the universe. So we’re in this giant information field. We are informed by the universe and we inform the universe. That’s why Venus and Mars and Mercury have an effect. We participate in this universal feed. We also program the universe. To our small extent individually. There are six billion of us. Along with all the other life forms.”

When he discussed my chart he said:

“The 18th gate challenges authority. It also has a fear of authority. Doesn’t want anybody to have authority over you. It’s the ability to say ‘the king has no cloths.’ That can be quite annoying in nice social situations. With the 62nd gate of details you can give people the details of how the king has no cloths.”

I described an ethical issue occurring at my workplace, and Randy responded.

“49th gate of principals and 4th line: a social political agenda. When something is violating principals in a social or political way you are there with your 18th gate going ‘no this is against…’ you know. To say that’s the trouble you get in, oh no, we need people like you. If we didn’t have people challenging the pattern. See the 18th gate. It’s part of the logic circuit. The logic is about patterns. You have an ability to recognize what’s wrong with the pattern.”

These evaluations will set the tone for information that will be described in future episodes of this series.

One of my favorite things Randy said was his insight about giving Human Design readings:

It’s a formula. And I liken it to a musical piece. So the notes are … the little number is the octave the note is played in. It’s a musical piece, it all works together. It’s a synthesis… So, no one part works in isolation. So a lot of people… some kind of analyst, they can give you some kind of rout detail but they can’t put the song together. They don’t even know that it is a song. And one of my jobs with the Human Design system is listening of people who want to be analysts, and either approving them or not. The criteria for that is a very basic one. The worst analyst can tell you something that’s really incredible. Just because he can mechanically go over what’s there. So you can get something from anyone who is a certified analyst in Human Design. I would say to you, that’s not necessary. No one has ever asked me if I was a Human Design analyst. So following that “cursus honorum” is not necessary as far as I’m concerned.

Randy encouraged me to learn the Human Design system, and to provide readings because he revealed “I think you could be good at this…” This began what I would consider a mentor relationship with Randy. He was a tremendous resource to me, as I would e-mail him questions and he would reply "I'm not a typist" and offer to call me. We had many conversations during that time, which at his suggestion, I recorded so I could review the material. All the audio files I will use in this series will be from my personal recordings of those conversations.

         The timing of the reading was interesting, as I was being laid off as a school social worker, the following week. My position was being eliminated due to state budget cuts. At this point I was back living in Maine, and had tired of my career and was looking for a new direction, and my foundation reading inspired me to consider giving readings as a potential vocation. I had very limited funds, so being a good projector I looked for free or inexpensive avenues to gain knowledge. After the reading I developed a ferocious appetite for Human Design, and began my investigation into the free media at Jovian Archive, including several live events with Ra, such as "Q and A", "Rave New Year", "Guide to the Movie" and "Guide to the Rave Chart", but more importantly I began my experiment. I also listened to Human Design Voices radio when they offered a free subscription in 2010, that lasted for several months. The timing of HD in my life was also interesting, in that it arrived 9 months prior to my Chiron return.

With my position as a school based clinical social worker eliminated, embracing my strategy and authority meant I could investigate work opportunities (first line profile) and apply if invited to do so (projector), but I believed the right opportunity would come from an invitation for work that pursued me. Being an emotional projector, I had to wait for invitations and then be hard to get on top of that, so my experiment was a total leap of faith into the void, but I was committed. At this time I began some experiments and investigations to understand Human Design as experience.

          I reviewed my life looking for experiences I had that were the direct result of accepting invitations. I found that I had many invitations in my life and that some of my most significant life events began with accepting an invitation. I had been invited in and out of a number of relationships. I had jobs I pursued and jobs I was invited to do, and the employment that began with invitations seemed to be the more meaningful. I had been invited to study yoga in India and that turned into a three month odyssey of multiple invitations every day. Like the day I was trying to meet with some fellow travelers in Jaisalmer. The best way to get to Jaisalmer from Jodhpur is to take the train across the desert at night. Unfortunately when I arrived at the train station tickets were sold out for the week to come. So I went to the bus station and bought a ticket for the following day. I returned to the hotel I was staying at, and as I was walking through the garden court yard, an old man sitting at a table motioned me to come join him. He asked me where I was going...   (insert India story)

India was an amazing solo journey and I felt like something was guiding and protecting me during the my entire three months of trekking without a plan or partner. I realized I was being constantly invited to do what was correct for me.

          Another experiment I undertook as an emotionally defined being, was to spent a week disconnected from everything to watch my emotional wave. I live alone at the end of a long dirt road here in Maine. And being unemployed, I had the time to take a week and purposely not interact with anyone or anything that might influence my emotions. So for a week I didn’t see or speak to anyone. I disconnected from all outside stimulus, so I could watch my emotional wave. I had specific times of day to measure what I was feeling, and my clinical background gave me measurement tools. I found I had a wave pattern of emotions going from hope to despair and back to hope, that lasted between two to three days. From that experiment I developed a certain grounding as I experienced strong emotions, during my years of living my design. My mind would love to come up with all these reasons I feel the way I do, but underneath it I knew the emotional wave mechanics were at work. That was a powerful realization for me.

          Another powerful realization I had, was that my mind was in service to others, but what it thought had no bearing on how I should decide what to do my life. That was quite liberating. I felt like I got smarter, because I had more of my mind available to investigate and guide others, because there was no value in thinking about what I needed to do in my life, other than trust the process of following my strategy and honoring my authority.

June 20th, just a few weeks after my foundation reading I was after being invited and participated in my first online classroom experience with Ra Uru Hu, a free event titled “Conditioning, love, mind, Human Design.” It was a thrill hear Ra lecture and to be connecting with people in the online classroom. He started with “It’s always fun for me to have a chance to, give away some of the beauty that’s here in Human Design. And for me what’s important is that I give you something that’s practical. That’s the thing that makes Human Design special, is that it is so incredibly practical. It’s about changing the nature of your life in a way that’s possible. One of the things that is so extraordinary about this process is that everything about who we are as beings is that we are here to be deeply, deeply aware. Not that awareness is supposed to be something that is some kind of bizarre happenstance, that happens once in a blue moon. It’s about what’s natural to us a nine centered beings. Yet to get there you have to deal with the most extraordinary battle of all. It is the thing that is going to determine whether there is going to be a change in your life or not. It all comes down to mind. I don’t think that there really is anything else that stands in your way of you and your life, than your own mind.”

Ra went on to discuss that the mind was good for measurement and as outer authority to commune with the other, but has no place in making decisions in a person’s life. “We have a way mechanically, to be able to experiment and to understand for ourselves, that our mind, in this life, in these vehicles, is not here to be in charge of what happens to us.”  

He continued “We have three basic components in Human Design. We have a magnetic mono-poll that sits here in the sternum. In the G-center. It hold us together in the illusion of our separateness. Moves us along our line of geometry. We have a design crystal, that sits here in the Ajna center. The design crystal filters the neutrino steam and out of that come your bio-mechanical mechanism, the vehicle, the life itself. And then in the Head-center, not in the body. It’s why this triangle of the Head-center pierces in that sense, or goes beyond the physical form. That beyond the physical form, above the scalp, is the personality crystal. The personality crystal has never been part of the body. And it’s the personality crystal that ends up being who you think you are, your personality. And who you think you are has nothing to do with the cabal that exists between the design crystal and the mono-poll because they were there before the personality entered the body. They had already built the vehicle. And the vehicle is the life. It is not for the personality crystal to be involved in deciding what this vehicle is going to do. This is the greatest challenge that we have.”    

          He also discussed how people go down the information rabbit hole and don’t use their Strategy and Authority to live as themselves. “One of the extraordinary things in the knowledge in Human Design, in radical transformation, being able to ultimately watch the mechanism of the way in which your mind operates is a formula. It's only then begins to glimpse that all of yourself, concerned about what your mind brings to you, has only been distortion. Has only led you far away from being the passenger consciousness, that you were incarnated to be. When you’re looking at design, I like simple. If it’s not simple it’s never universal. It’s got to be simple. So many, when the approach Human Design, and when they begin to hear all the numbers, all the lines, the gates, the colors, the tones, the bases, the this, and the that. There is the sense of being overwhelmed with all this information. It’s not about that. All that information is because this is a science. It’s the science of differentiation. And as a science it can only stand on everything being reveled and elaborated in its mechanism. But to take advantage of the knowledge for yourself you don’t have to spend years in study. You don’t, not unless you’re a projector. It’s not what it’s about. And yet at the same time you need to grasp certain basics that are there. They are in and of themselves enlightening.”

Ra goes on to discuss the different ways in which conditioning operates. “This is the beauty for me about what it is to know your design. And what it is to know the design of others. This is the place where love grows. Because this is where you see helplessness. You are what you are. And you either take advantage of it or you get lost in what you’re not. When you get lost in what you’re not, what is there for you. There is a clock, a wheel that turns for everyone. This is a deeply fortunate incarnation if you have an opportunity to transform your life. This is what this journey in Human Design is all about, it’s not about stuff that you can know. It isn’t. It’s about living it. Truly it’s about living it. It’s only in living it, that you really become aware. It’s only in living it, that you get to see for yourself. In your own way. That this will take you where you are intended to go. It’s not something that you can do for anyone else. It’s not something that anyone can do for you. It isn’t. This is about selfishness, enlightened selfishness because this is what it demands. Because you see the journey itself starts simply and gets deeper. It’s not just a matter of you're going to experiment with your strategy and authority, this is about starting your life as yourself. And you’re a baby when you start. And it’s about the day to day challenge of your mind in the world that we live in. Where there are all these things around you and the not-self is everywhere. They are not going to change. Don’t hold your breath for that. See I’m not here to change the world. Neither is Human Design. You know this is just the fantasy. This is about one person at a time. Maybe it’s you. Just one at a time. Because you see, this is a life process. Until you are ready to see what that means, you don’t get there.” My overall impression of this lecture was that conditioning is not something to be avoided and that every openness that you have is your gateway to wisdom. This was a powerful realization for me.

Waiting for invitations was difficult at first, but I was steadfast, and little by slowly they began to trickle in. I got invited to teach some yoga classes, and give some guitar lessons. On July 1st I was invited to give a lecture on the Mayan calendar at the Conway NH library and to study at the Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach with Barbara Hand Clow and Gregg Braden. On the final day of the workshop, Barbara’s husband, Gary Clow invited me to play some solo acoustic guitar before Barbara and he presented on the “Alchemy of Nine Dimensions,” which was a huge and unexpected honor. All this time, I was spending any free time I had exploring Human Design.

August 15th, after being invited, I participated in my second online classroom experience with Ra Uru Hu, which I recall as being a “Q and A” session where the audience would submit questions in the chat space and Ra would select which questions he would answer. I was honored that he answered my question regarding long term cycles and what information should be highlighted in that type of reading.

Around that time I was also invited out of the “on and off” relationship I had been in for two years. The invitations began to increase as I became more stead fast in following my strategy and authority. I gave many more lecturers on the Mayan Calendar and was invited to play music at various venues during this period of time. I even gave a brief talk on Human Design. I also created the infrastructure for New World Birth. This was the time that the Sun was 88 degrees before my Chiron return. The time of my Design Chiron return: December 2010. And the beginning of my Human Design journey and the beginning of New World Birth.

Thank you for checking out New World Birth. This is "Seven Years of De-conditioning" for Year One part 1. In the next installment I’ll cover Ra’s presentations of "Rave New Year", "Guide to the Movie" and "Guide to the Rave Chart", as well as his passing. My experience with attempting to take “Living Your Design” from IHDS, and eventually taking LYD as a correspondence course with Theresa Blanding, and joining an HD study group. You can check us out on Facebook, Blogger or YouTube. I encourage you to share this information as videos or text as widely as you choose. I invite you to contact me at newworldbirth@yahoo.com if you have any questions or wish to schedule a reading. If you've been thinking about getting a reading, please contact me, as I would like to provide you a reading during these uncertain times. You will need to be able to either call me in Maine in the U.S.A. or connect with Skype to receive your reading. As always I am blessed that you've taken the time to connect with my passion for these ancient mysteries, their synthesis, and application to our journey during this incarnation. The light in me honors the light in you… Namaste – In Lak’ech - and as Ra would say "love yourself.

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New World Birth - Neutrino Forecast for 01-22-18 – 2018 Rave New Year

    On January 22nd we have the Sun in Aquarius when it enters the 41st hexagram at 2:19 am UT which is 21:19 or 9:19 pm EST on January 21st. At that time we have the Sun in the 41.1, the Earth is detrimented in the 31.1, the Moon is in the 36.6, North node in the 7.2 and the South Node in the 13.2, Mercury is in the 54.1 and exalted due to Pluto also being in the 54, Venus is detrimented in the 41.4, Mars is in the 14.3, Jupiter is in the 43.2, Saturn is detrimented in the 10.6, Uranus in the 42.5, Neptune in the 63.2, and Pluto is in the 54.5.

The 64 hexagrams of the I'Ching have corresponding codons in DNA, and the 41st is the only initiating codon; that begins every string of genetic information. Every genetic sentence begins with the 41st codon, which is the gate of “Decrease”, which begins the stream of "The Human Experiential Way", through the 30 "Fate", then the 36 "Crisis", and finally the 35 "Expectations". This is the stream of desire for experience. Entry of the Sun in the 41st gate initiates a new human cycle on this plane. The 41 comes out of the root, which is a pressure center, so we have the pressure to start something. When the Sun enters in the gate of decrease, in the channel of desire, we have the RAVE NEW YEAR. This influences all forms of life, at the beginning of a new solar cycle. "Decrease" is like the gardener who prunes the plant, so that it can sprout anew.

In the past years we’ve looked at the stages leading up to the Rave New Year. During the Gregorian New Year we had the Sun in the 38(opposition), and the Earth in the 39(obstruction), bringing us to question did we fulfill our purpose, and fulfill our spirit in the past year. This is the beginning of closing down the cycle leading to the Rave New year. Was there a purpose? Then the Sun in the 54 (ambition) and the Earth in the 53 (beginnings) brought us to look forward, who are the correct allies to fulfill our ambition for transformation and new beginnings? Who can I work with? Who can I trust and rely on? Then the 61 (inner truth) and 62 (details) brought us to look within ourselves for inspiration, based on facts. Based on what is possible. Then the Sun in the 60 (limitation) to just let go, closes out the year. Letting go of the seduction of the mind. Letting go of insecurities driving us to believe we need to make something happen. Closing the book on the past to be ready to step forward into a new cycle. To get clean. This is about transcending limitation through acceptance.

So let look at this year’s Rave New Year chart which occurs on January 22nd at 2:19 am UT which is 21:19 or 9:19 pm EST on January 21st. We have one channel definition due to the transit field during the Rave New Year, and Ra said in the past “when you have a definition, you have a life force.” The Earth in the 31 and North Node in the 7 which brings the Channel of the Alpha which is the design of leadership for good or bad. This will be a year where folks are recognized as true leaders, but the more reluctant they are to assume this responsibility the better leaders they become. Being a logical collective channel this confers the ability to understand patterns and trends which can be projected into the future, and can also explain this information logically in a way others can understand. The most important aspect is that these leaders are attuned to the rhythms of the people they are to lead. The defined G center could influence “not-self” folks without, to obsess about where they are headed and where they will find love, and the defined Throat can influence those without to talk about being a leader or not being a leader to attract attention. This is a collective channel, it means there is a need in one way or another for some kind of sharing.

One thing that interests me, regarding leadership and the Global Cycles, which is related to the Precession of the Equinox, is that during 2016 the Color of the 37 first line and 40 first line, changed from the 2nd color “Hope” to the 1st color “Fear”, as it moves toward the 55.6 and 59.6 in 2027. Here in the United States we saw the shift with the end of the Obama presidency, whose candidacy posters actually said “hope” with a picture of Obama, and the beginning of the Trump candidacy and presidency, which seems to be getting a lot of millage from fear. But you can look all over the world, in the news, and in the not self interactions of people in communities, the populace is being driven more from fear than hope, which will be a background color frequency until 2027.

When I look at the circuitry of this year’s Rave New year chart, one thing that is interesting is the emphasis on collective energy, aside from the Sun-Earth which are always in collective gates during the Rave New Year, we have the Moon, the Nodes, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune in collective gates, 2 logic and 4 abstract. So the themes of sharing are going to be strong in the coming year, with folks trying to figure out what they share and who shares with them as the collative sharing networks disintegrate. Here in the United States this stark reality is obvious as government social service systems are being dismantled for the benefit of the very rich. Remember fear is coloring the populace not-self mind. Collective sharing will continue to diminish as part of the break down phase moving towards 2027.

Individual energy is well represented with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn activating three individual gates the 14, 43, and the 10. These individual activations represent the ability of the individual to empower others simply by being their authentic self. They are acoustic, so we are primarily influenced by the sound of what is authentic. The individual energy in the Rave New Year chart, brings the potential to be empowered during the upcoming year by following your Strategy and Authority, but it also brings melancholy. 

There is only one Tribal gate activated in the Rave New Year chart, but it is activated by both Mercury and Pluto in the 54th Gate of Ambition. Given the environment of fear, not-self tribes will use relationships secretly or in public as a way make sure they have the resources to share with their extended families, when others may not. There will be folks who will do anything to get those needs met. I really feel that the color of fear has darkened the environment, and people seem to be more on edge, more in survival mode, especially if they have family members depending on them.

Ra said in his final Rave New Year presentation in January 2011, “We are moving through a greater cycle. We are near the close of it. 2027 will bring a new cycle. It will bring a cycle where the background frequency is going to insist that we have our own authority to guide us, because there will not be an infrastructure to support us.”

Lets break down the detail of this year’s Rave New Year chart. We always start with the Sun in the 41.1, which brings the imagination to make the very best out of very little. With the Sun in the 41st gate of "Contraction (Decrease); The limitation of resources which maximizes development of potential", and the Sun in the 41.1 "Reasonableness: The appropriate delegation of responsibility. exalted: Imagination to make the best out of very little. Coolness, where the energy to release feelings is selective. detrimented: A tendency in understanding, to assume capability, leading to strain. The hothead, the urge to release feelings." The Earth is in the 31st hexagram and gate of "Leadership(Influence); The law of friction, whether active or passive, that engenders transference and thus influence" and always detrimented in the Rave New Year chart in the 31.1 as "Manifestation: Influence cannot exist in a vacuum. detrimented: The absorption of light, that in darkness can only promise manifestation. The unnatural expression of leadership."

With the Sun Earth always being the same on the Rave New Year, I read the chart like I would a solar return chart with only personality activations. Which means this interpretation is like being a reverse "soothsayer" where following your strategy and authority gives you a way to navigate these possibilities. But for the majority of people on this planet, living "not-self" lives, they have no choice but to be conditioned by these energies, and potentially make decisions based on that conditioning. Venus is conjunct the Sun in the 41, where it is detrimented in 41.4 "Correction: Successful adaptation to limitation. detrimented: The expenditure of energy on maintaining relationships rather than on correction. In times of decrease weak associations are shunned as costly, no matter how attractive.  The energy which fuels holding on to feelings rather than adapt." There are going to be those that are able to adapt and those that won’t. Adaptability will be valued with Venus in the line of correction.

Of course the Sun and Venus in the 41 brings pressure for emotional new beginnings to be shared with the collective. Also adding to the Rave New Year pressure, are Mercury and Pluto in the 54, in the hexagram of "Ambition (The Marrying Maiden); Interaction in its mundane social context but also one's mystical and cosmic relationships," and Mercury in the 54.1, were it is exalted, due to Pluto also being in the 54, in the line of "Influence: exalted: The ability to achieve through secret relationships, anywhere from the private advisor to the Satanist. Ambition energized through secret relationships which fuel influence," in the realm of communication and personal subjective truth. The pressure to achieve resources for the tribe, through communicating "truth" through secret and perhaps covert means.

Pluto is in the 54.5, “Magnanimity: exalted: The natural authority and actualizing spirit, that in a position of power, can have genuine and fruitful relationships with the less advantaged. (As long as they are in service and make no demands.) The energy for actualizing, that despite this power, fuels fruitful relationships with others. No polarity.” The 54 is looking to find the forces that are correct for you. Your allies. Who is there to help your ambition. Who are the forces that you respect, that you can learn from. Only when you use your strategy and authority can you align yourself to the people in your life who are correct for you.

In the “Human Experiential Way” stream from the Sun and Venus in the 41, we have the Moon in the abstract collective gate of Crisis. The Moon, the reflective light to carry out the message of that Sun, to embody the Sun's message, not as input, as direction, as force, as drive. Inner nature brought to the surface and put on display. Guiding us to the material acceptance of life. Where is the moon pulling humanity to stand up and be on display? It's in the 36th hexagram of "Crisis (The Darkening of the Light); The rule of cycles in which decline is a natural but not enduring stage," The 36 is a fear gate which brings the fear of inadequacy, of not having what is needed for the experience.

The Moon occupies the sixth line of "Justice: The inevitable survival of right. exalted: The knowledge and attendant faith that the powers of darkness eventually destroy themselves. 'Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.' The correctness of crisis when it arises out of pure feelings. detrimented: A profound sorrow and cynicism, that is not diminished by the understanding, that darkness is self-annihilating. The sorrow or cynicism that comes with seeing that despite the correctness of the feelings, there is always crisis." We will see the powers of darkness. Emotion will arise out the friction. This year’s movie will be suspenseful. There may be very little we can do to change the madness of the world, but we can take care of ourselves and those we love.

Adding to the pressure is Neptune bringing doubt as a mental pressure. Neptune brings a veil, and doesn't let us see what things are all about. So for the majority of people are blind to the fact that the collective sharing, that have been in place for hundreds of years, is breaking down, not do to this political party or that, but because we are coming to the end of a major cycle. Neptune is in the 63rd gate of "Doubt (After completion); In the spiral of life, all ends are beginnings," and in the 63.2 "Structuring: exalted: The establishing of a large framework through which achievement can be expanded and shared, compensating others for their contributions while maintaining control of direction. The pressure to share one's doubts with others while still maintaining control. detrimented: Instability in achievement, that when in positions of authority, leads to arrogance and the desire to keep others away from the center of power. Doubts in achievement that can lead to suspicion of others." There will be doubt, and with Neptune; there is confusion in thinking. Stop letting your mind run the show. Find your way in the world by following your strategy and authority.

Mars is in the undefined Sacral motor in the third line of the 14 hexagram, bringing immature energy to the "not-self" world in the gate of "Power skills (Possession in great measure): The accumulation and retention of power through skilled interaction, coupling grace with control," in the third line of "Service: The utilization of talent and wealth for the highest good. exalted: Selfless contribution to society. The key to power lies in selfless contribution to others. detrimented: Greed and the self-destruction of moral fiber. The power of selfishness to fuel greed." Fueled by the color of fear, not knowing when enough is enough. Mars brings outbursts, and I expect protests will become more likely to disintegrate into disorganization, be more chaotic, and potentially aggressive, as wealth inequality, racism, misogyny, and the elite power grab becomes even more transparent during the upcoming year. The sacral is the life force of the world, but you can be ok by being in the flow by acting as yourself.

I’ll add a little astrology to this. Taboo to HD “purists” I know, but I’m a heretic… Uranus changes signs moving into Taurus on May 15th after spending 7 years in Aries. I remember the day Uranus, the planet of upheaval entered Aries, as being the day of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on March 11th 2011, and then Ra Uru Hu passing the following day. Anyway the planet of unexpected change enters the sign of Taurus, which represents money, possessions, security, and material goods. So from an astrological perspective this could be a time of rapid unexpected economic destabilization, perhaps a crash of seemingly stable financial markets. The house of cards collapses. The Emperor was never wearing cloths. The only thing that keeps the financial systems afloat is that people believe in them, even if it’s just smoke and mirrors. Ironically Uranus retrogrades back into Aries on November 6th, which coincidently is the date of the United States mid-term elections. The beginning of Taurus is also the 3rd hexagram "Ordering (Difficulty at the beginning); The fundamental challenge of initiation is to transcend confusion and establish order." Taurus begins right at the end of the forth line “Charisma”, so the first full line in Taurus is the fifth line of "Victimization."

For those who have gotten readings from me where I use Human Design to talk about the character in their story and Astrological transits to discuss the current and near future scenes in their play, you will recall I always say “no matter whether the current act is a comedy or a tragedy, your lines are always to follow your strategy and authority.” As Ra had said in previous Rave New Year reports “When you live a cycle as yourself it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the cycle.”

Also in the undefined Sacral is Uranus in the 42nd gate of "Growth (Increase); The expansion of the resources which maximizes the development of full potential," and in the fifth line of "Self-actualization: exalted: The fulfillment and actualization of purpose as a natural path, whose reward is a healthy sense of self, rather than the power and influence that naturally follow. Growth that is self-fulfilling and naturally leads to influence. detrimented: Self-actualization as a strictly inner experience that may
demand or result in a reclusive nature. Inner growth that empowers reclusiveness.”
So the evolutionary mutative under current for the Rave New Year, is shining on self-actualization.

Both the Splenic center and the Heart center are completely open with no activations, meaning wellbeing and worth will be allusive during the upcoming year as people hold on to what is not good for them and/or try to prove themselves.

The G center is defined with three gates activated by the North Node in the 7.2, the South node in the 13.2, and Saturn detrimented in the 10.6. The nodes are openings for neutrino energy from outside our solar system and representative of our environment. I think of it as the background frequency that over the course of the year slowly changes from the energy of the 13.2 to the energy of the 7.2. It moves from the collective abstract gate of the "the Listener (The Fellowship of Man); Universal ideas and values in an ordered framework which inspires humanistic cooperation" to the collective logic gate of "the Role of the Self (The Army); The point of convergence. By design, the need for leadership to guide and order society."

From the 2nd line of "Bigotry: The risk, always present, that fellowship can only exist for a particular type, whether racial, religious, national, or intellectual. exalted: Tolerance as the least offensive manifestation of bigotry. A role of openness through tolerance. detrimented: The obsessive belief that the highest ideals cannot be embraced by the lowest of forms. An extremely difficult position, where even the highest ideas provide the rationalization of hatred. A role of openness so narrow that there is practically no one worth listening to." Moving on a trajectory toward the 7.2 "The democrat: The ability to lead by serving the will of the majority. exalted: The application of universally accepted systems. When connected through the Alpha channel to Gate 31 Influence, the potential for widespread and revolutionary effect on society. The capacity of the Self to lead when chosen. detrimented: Elitism and denegation by the democrats of democracy. The capacity of the Self once chosen to feel superior to those who chose them." Racism and bigotry are certainly important topics in the “not-self” scenery currently, movement towards to serving the will of the majority would be welcome indeed. And of course the 7 is connected to the 31, where the Earth resides, so the upcoming year will have the potential for widespread and revolutionary effect on society as we move into the future.

This is the quarter of mutations' variation of the cross of the unexpected, which the Sun in the 41 brings new experiences as a theme,… fantasy,… to unexpectedly see an advantage to a new adventure, to be shared with others. Its rooted in the 31 which challenges the king and the tribal leader. This is leaders who are elected by the collective. Which can bring unexpected leaders that come out of nowhere, claim power, and have influence. Suddenly given authority due to unexpected events, due to unexpected experiences.  

Saturn is also in the defined G center in the 10th gate "The behavior of the Self (Treading): The underlying code of behavior which ensures successful interaction despite circumstances." Saturn is detrimented in the 10.6 is "The role model: The perfect expression of norms through action rather than words. detrimented: The hypocrite. Do as I say, not as I do. Behavior restricted to words rather than actions."
Saturn brings consequences, and in this case to the hypocrite who plays the role model, but also to those under the influence of the hypocrite.

And finally we have Jupiter in the 43rd gate of "Insight (Breakthrough); In order for achievement to be maintained a new order must be fairly established." In the 43.2 "Dedication: exalted: The maintenance of specialized attitudes which promote breakthrough. Unique mental habits and thought processes which promote insight. detrimented: A dedication to action, that when actualization is in sight may be incautious. The urge for expression that will abandon its normal process when an opportunity arises." Dedication to honoring your own law. To living as yourself. Follow your strategy, honor your authority, and love yourself.

We cannot change the ignorance of the “not-self” world, but we can make a difference in our own lives. No matter what happening in the world, good, bad, indifferent, take care of yourself and the ones you love. You can find your way, by navigating as yourself. This about not being homogenized. This is weather that doesn’t have to negatively impact your life. As Ra said "That’s the beauty to understand how to operate as yourself, is that you’re out of the program."

And of course we are moving towards 2027 and the end of the "Cross of Planning", as the background frequency is going to insist that we have our own authority to guide us, because we will not have an infrastructure to support us. We are all seeing this as basic support structures that have been in place through governments and institutions continue to dwindle. As Ra has said in the past "Never mind this year. It isn't going to track any better over the years building up to 2027, because we have the slow breakdown of the 40-37 community infrastructure. It's not about waiting for a new year's forecast that's going to be full of light and brightness. Because it's not what's happening. You have to see that the counter point of the dissolving of the infrastructure is the empowering of the individual. This is the only counterpoint, what your strategy and authority offers you is the empowerment of you as an individual. To align yourself to the frequency that is truly you... Best wishes on this rave new year, may you live it as yourself."

    Thank you for checking out New World Birth. You can check us out on Facebook, Blogger or YouTube. I encourage you to share this information as videos or text as widely as you choose. I invite you to contact me at newworldbirth@yahoo.com if you have any questions or wish to schedule a reading. If you've been thinking about getting a reading, please contact me, as I would like to provide you a reading during these uncertain times. You will need to be able to either call me in Maine in the U.S.A. or connect with Skype to receive your reading. As always I am blessed that you've taken the time to connect with my passion for this synthesis of ancient mysteries and their application to our journey during this incarnation. The light in me honors the light in you and as Ra would say "love yourself." 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Astrology and Mayan Tzolkin for October 22nd to November 3rd 2016

This is the "Care and feeding of a New World Age" report for Gregorian date of October 22nd 2016 and 1 – Imix "e-meesh" or Crocodile in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, with the Sun entering Scorpio, followed by Mercury entering Scorpio, and the Scorpio New Moon.

    October 22nd is 1 – Imix "e-meesh" or Crocodile carries the themes of beginnings, Mother Earth, protection and trust, nurturing, primordial energy, new opportunities and information, instincts, primal creativity, water-lily, abundance, the essence of nature, beauty, receptivity and growth. Much like other indigenous people who believed that the Earth was carried on the back of a turtle, the Maya believed that our planet was carried on the back of a crocodile who would nurture and protect all life forms. They believed that from this primal force humans received messages and feelings about our connection to Mother Earth. This thirteen day period would be excellent to spend time in nature and listen to the subtle messages from Gaia.

    This being the 1 - Crocodile trecena: unity through nurturing new beginnings and the beginning of a new Tzolkin round, I thought I would talk about the Tzolkin Calendar. Which Ian Lungold referred to as the personal calendar of the Maya. The Tzolkin is a 260 day calendar made of 13 galactic tones numbered 1 to 13 and 20 sacred sun signs. The combination of these two intensions were so important to the Maya, that their Day Sign was their first name, because it set their life's intension. For instance my Day Sign is 13 - Imix or Crocodile which is about moving to the next level through nurturing new beginnings. That's what I'm here to do. I ascend in consciousness through nurturing others to have new experiences. If you're interested, Mayan Majix is a great resource for all things Tzolkin, including my favorite the "Mayan Calendar and Conversion Codex." This diagram shows the 20 sacred sun signs. Each sign is colored to show its relationship to the four directions and four elements. We begin with Crocodile which is red representing east, fire, and birthing. Next is Wind in white connected to North, air, and the mind. Then Night is blue representing the west, water and endings, and Seed in yellow is aligned with the south, earth and the body. As we move around the wheel the pattern stays consistent, red, white, blue, yellow, red and so on. I find it interesting that each trecena ends with the same direction it starts with so the groupings of 13 days follow the same pattern 1 - Crocodile is red, followed by 1 - Jaguar white, followed by 1 - Deer blue, and 1 - Sun yellow. If you follow your personal Tzolkin you may know that every 65 days we experience "burner days" relative to our Day Sign. For instance I am 13 - Crocodile so I experience more intense growth opportunities on the days leading up to and including 13 - Crocodile, 13-Transformation, 13-Monkey, and 13-Wisdom, which likewise follows the pattern of red, white, blue, and yellow. The colored halos around the day signs and the squares that connect them are to demonstrate the five burner sets. 

    Since we begin a new Gregorian month during this trecena, I thought I'd discuss the metaphysics of the upcoming month. November is the eleventh month and with the digits for 2016, when added together we get 11, then we add 1 + 1 to tell us that this is an eleven/two month in numerology, which brings a spiritual quality to the month. Basic numerology reduces numbers to one through nine, so when we think about that arc the 2 represents a time which brings increased contact with new people, relationships, and cooperative connections, but also highlights the need for balance. The numerology in January and February 2017 repeat November and December 2016 with January being a two month and February being a three month. The eleven/two combination is represented by the Lust/High Priestess tarot cards which is about being in our strength and in our bodies while experiencing our intuition, independence, self-trust, and self-resourcefulness. Richard Moss wrote in How Shall I Live: "To me, wholeness is the key to aliveness. It is more than just a physical vitality, it is radiance, coming from being at one with yourself and your experience. Life then flows through you and radiates from you" which is a nice description of the Strength/Lust energetic. The High Priestess could be described from this quote from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, "For the self is a sea boundless and measureless." So November is a month to be in our bodies and radiance, that in turn empowers our sense of self, while we cultivate new connections with others. 

     Before I get into the daily energy for 1 – Imix on the 22nd all the planets appear to be moving forward from our vantage point on Earth, except Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune, which appears to move retrograde or in reverse motion. Remember the themes of retrograde planets are the review the past, re-evaluate, reminisce and we can see these themes being played out. Chiron retrograde has us reviewing our wounds so that they can be released, by having the courage to open our hearts to any fear or pain associated with our past. If you find yourself recalling painful events or situations between now and when Chiron turns direct November 30th, it is advisable remain conscious while dealing with these uncomfortable feelings as they will reveal the path to healing and letting go of what no longer serves a purpose in our upcoming journey. Uranus in Aries retrograde, is seeking to shake our very foundation through the unexpected rebellion of the individual. Uranus in Aries will have people wanting to hurry the process of getting free. To push the river of revolution whether it be personal or political. Uranus in astrology forces us outside our comfort zone so we have to look for possibilities "outside the box." This is about unplanned experiences that disrupt our perceived and planned life path in order to move us forward in our spiritual evolution, individually and globally. Neptune retrograde is seeking transcendence through spiritual experiences. This will be a time to use spiritual practices to keep us grounded as we expand our intuition and consciousness. Both Neptune and Pisces, the sign it rules, tend to be dreamy, imaginative, difficult to nail down due to their qualities of illusion and illumination often without any way to know which is which. They represent compassion and co-dependence, selflessness and loss of self, higher purpose and substance abuse, in their inspiration to transcend the material plane and experience something beyond words and thoughts.
     Ok let's look at the daily vibrational energy for this trecena.
October 22nd is 1 – Imix "e-meesh" or Crocodile: unity experienced through nurturing new beginnings in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, with the Sun enters Scorpio, bringing us into the peak of the season which is often keynoted as intensity and passion in this fixed water sign. The scorpion is known for endurance, and drive, but also for seeking to find a deeper purpose in life. Of course Halloween and its origin in the pagan holiday Samhain, are about seeing through the veil into the otherworld, mark the midpoint of Scorpio. For the next month the Sun casts more light on subjects such as death, rebirth, transformation, sex, regeneration, introspection, psychic experiences, anything that delves below the surface to explore the depths and mysteries, when transiting Scorpio. Also on the 22nd the last quarter Moon in Cancer is challenged by Uranus, Mercury, and the Sun which shifts from people acting hasty and jumping to conclusions, to later folks being critical in their communications particularly with the people they have intimate relationships with, and finally we encounter challenges to our daily routines.

The 23rd is 2 – Ik "eek" or Wind: duality experienced through communication in the Tzolkin calendar.

October 24th is 3 Akbal "awk-bol" or Night: taking action through contemplating the stars, while Mercury enters Scorpio, which brings a questioning and probing intellect. That seeks out what is beneath the surface, and puts an emphasis on fields like medicine, science, religion, and the occult. So under this influence folks may feel a greater need to investigate and uncover what previously could not be known. Mercury in Scorpio is powerful and needs to get to the root of an issue, rather than staying on the surface. It may even embrace conflict to fully resolve a problem. I'd expect communications to be more intense, with an increase in biting sarcasm, until Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 12th. So if we find ourselves engaged in a conversations that require etiquette and politeness such in court or some form of negotiation, we would benefit from being conscious of our delivery as well as our words.

The 25th is 4 Kan "con" or Seed or Lizard: stability through planting seeds and making new connections, with Venus square Neptune which is an alignment between planet octaves. Venus representing personal love and Neptune representing unconditional and universal love. The romantic imagination is active under this transit, which can lead to unrealistic expectations regarding loved ones. Please remember your partner is a mere mortal, by not holding them to an impossible romantic ideal that no one could or should try to attain. Relationships that are damaged by this transit are not usually based on reality. This is positive for daydreaming that leads to artistic expression. Overall we are likely to feel an expansion in compassion and empathy which benefits activities like meditation, music and art which may seem transcendent, but not such a great day for business on the material plane.

October 26th is 5 – Chicchan "chee-chan" or Serpent: empowerment through being flexible, with Venus sextiles Jupiter which brings feelings of contentment and benevolence. A very nice sense of being at peace with the world. Friendships benefit from generosity with activities engaged in at this time, becoming a fair exchange over time. This is also favorable for financial dealings, particularly foreign investments, or agreements related to medicine or legal matters. Friendships or romantic relationships that begin under this influence should be mutually beneficial. Also this is a very good day for getting together with friends and enjoying this lighthearted transit particularly engaging in some form of rest and recreation, and leaving the more serious or routine business for another day. Overall very nice energy for family gathering as the usual conflicts are diminished.

The 27th is 6 Cimi "key-mee" or Transformation: being in the flow through releasing what no longer serves us, while the Sun conjunct Mercury which stimulates our social interactions and conversations, particularly with people who are part of our new direction, and in Scorpio this could be related to mysteries and the unknowable. Also illumination comes to some of the dark areas of our minds which brings forward information that was previously in the shadows. This alignment emphasizes an increase in conversations, although folks are more inclined to talk than listen. Being a conjunction, this brings the initiative to start something new, including starting a new mysterious exploration that may have business potential, as Mercury rules commerce and the exchange of ideas. This also brings a sharpness to the thinking process and is a good time to make plans for the future.

October 28th is 7 Manik "man-eek" or Deer: reflection through being of service to others, with Mars sextile Chiron brings action to our healing process and energy for letting go of old wounds. Particularly past pain that was caused from aggressive or sexual experiences.  

The 29th is 8 – Lamat "la-maught" or Star or Rabbit: balance through being grateful for abundant relationships, with Mars squares Uranus which is like someone on the sidelines trying to provoke Uranus, with aggressive revolutionary energy as the integrity of the old world structures continue to be assaulted, as those in power violently try to suppress the individuals fighting for change and humanity. The days before and after the 29th when the transit is in orb, we would benefit from physical activity to channel some of this reckless and impulsive energy. This is more energy that may bring completions of old worn out situations to prepare for new beginnings. Be conscious of your surroundings as this transit has the potential for unexpected accidents. Also on the 29th Venus conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius where love and affection are tempered by practical considerations. This can have a sobering view point regarding relationships. Folks may seek the advice of older people (Saturn) regarding relationships (Venus). Saturn is also limitation so this maybe a time of parting temporarily or breaking up. Relationships that begin under this influence are long lasting and loyal, but not particularly exciting. For relationships that are going well at this time Venus merged with Saturn makes us aware of our commitments which would be good for getting engaged or working of marital problems.

October 30th is 9 – Muluc "moo-luke" or Offering: patience experienced through appreciating creation, while we have the we have the Scorpio New Moon merging with the Sun and Mercury, and supported by Neptune. This New Moon finding support from Neptune brings our innermost subconscious fantasies and daydreams confusing reality, which may not be great for accomplishing much work, and conjunct Mercury is positive energy for integrating our thoughts and moods. In Scorpio, emotions and passions are intensified. New Moons bring the opportunity to set an intension for manifestation on the following full moon. Look to the house of your astrology chart that contains 7 degrees 44 minutes Scorpio to consider what area of your life is being activated by this new moon. For me it is the fifth house of children and creativity, so I expect this cycle to provide new information about my creative process and perhaps my relationships with children. This new moon has great energy for a fresh start particularly related to spiritual commitment and transformation as we become more aware of our authentic inner selves. The next Full Moon on November 14th is this year’s super Moon when the Moon is at its closest to the Earth and looks larger, making this New Moon particularly potent. This Moon is magical and creative, also spiritual, as we approach the time when the veil between worlds is at it thinnest and shamanic energy is very powerful. Also on the 30th Mercury trines Neptune which stimulates creative imagination and brings a deeper sensitivity to the world around us. This energetic leads to daydreaming and would be well spent listening to music or reading or writing poetry or romantic literature. Conversations will also not revolve around the practical, but will be more suited to discussions of other worldly spiritual topics and our fantasies, hopes and dreams. Not great energy for accomplishing work, but wonderful for empathy and selfless compassion with the offer to help others without interest to gain ourselves. This is also very good energy for studying art, religion, music, poetry, spiritual, and occult subjects, as we are able to transcend the limitations of our normal rational thinking.

The 31st is 10 – Oc "awk" or Dog: manifestation through enjoying family and friends in the Tzolkin calendar.

November 1st is 11 – Chuen "shoe-in" or Monkey: resolution through creating something new, while the Sun trines Neptune, which with Neptune's support of the Sun we are more idealistic and understand a more spiritual level of reality. This increases our sensitivity to the more subtler aspects of the world around us. This is good for spending time alone to engage in activities like meditation, yoga, working of art, music or any creative project. To explore the more spiritual levels of reality from an emotional and intellectual perspective. This great for studying metaphysical or spiritual subjects and looking at your life to consider how you are doing in meeting your needs spiritually and materially. Idealistic romanticism may be a factor in our relationships today. This transit increases sensitivity to the subtler aspects of reality, with people experiencing a flash of ESP or other types of mystical experiences.

The 2nd is 12 – Eb "eb" or Road: understanding through serving your community in the Tzolkin calendar.

November 3rd is 13 – Ben "ben" or Reed or Corn: movement to the next stage through maintaining the home, with Mercury sextiles Pluto, which loves the mysterious and wants to know what cannot be known. Our minds are active in penetrating below the surface in a search for core knowledge and real knowledge in our search for truth. This is great energy for studying psychology, astrology, occult subjects, and healing techniques that are aimed at regeneration. Folks may be certain of their "truths" and engage in trying to convince others who are also certain of their personal truth, so this pairing might be better to focus on our own investigation and save persuading others for another day.

    So no matter what energies are affecting you during this 1 Crocodile trecena, take some time to be in the flow of the planet by being in nature, watching a sunrise or sunset, communing with the stars, being conscious of the moment through introspection, meditation or being with someone you love. Every day is a blessing no matter what dramas beckon to distract us. We are all giving the performance of a life time on this world stage, just take some time to observe the play as well as act your part. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

    Thank you for checking out New World Birth. This is the final segment of "Care and feeding of a New World Age," I will from time to time have video offerings to discuss topics that are of interest to me.

On this final installment I would like to thank you for sharing this journey with me. It has taken shape on some levels due to your comments and questions. I feel blessed that we have had this experience together. I would also like to thank Ian Xel Lungold  for introducing me to the Tzolkin calendar, Barbara Hand Clow for teachings on Astrology and Dimensions of consciousness, and Ra Uru Hu, for revealing Human Design, and J Randolph Richmond for numerous conversations about HD, Joseph Campbell for his perspective of seeing a unifying truth shared across mythological metaphors, Sharon Jorgenson for years of support with radio shows, topics for presentation, and an extra set of eyes when preparing for readings, my friend Mike Shore and the good folks at Mayan Majix who have supported New World Birth since its inception, Kevin Bull and Katie who provided the Earth Needs Rebels radio show and were gracious enough to allow me to present monthly for two years, Haleyheart , Alecia , and the rest of the Keepers at TLC, William and Viola at Tzolkin Trecena Notes, Kenneth Johnson of Jaguar Wisdom, astrologers Robert Hand and my friend Stuart Smith, from the Human Design community Theresa Blanding, Alissa, Mark Germain, the folks in the study groups, and the various individuals who came to my aid when I bumped into the fascist element of some HD groups on facebook, the White Mountain Hypnosis Center particularly Michael Hathaway for providing a local venue for people to explore many metaphysical topics, Sharon Hupe who made the graphic I've used for Mercury retrogrades, Birgitte West for the new NWB logo, all the wonderful people from all over this planet that chose to get a reading from me... especially the repeat offenders, also the folks who made donations, and as always my family and friends. The many great folks I've connected with on facebook and youtube. My gratitude to everyone is immense.

As always I invite you to contact me at newworldbirth@yahoo.com if you have any questions or wish to schedule a reading. I am providing readings, and will continue to do so. If you've been thinking about getting a reading, please contact me, as I would like to provide you a reading during these uncertain times. You will need to be able to either call me in Maine in the U.S.A. or connect with Skype to receive your reading. As always I am blessed that you've taken the time to connect with my passion for these ancient mysteries and their application to our journey during this incarnation. The light in me honors the light in you… Namaste – In Lak’ech - <3