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Astrology and Mayan Tzolkin for March 17th to March 29th 2015

This is the "Care and feeding of a New World Age" report for Gregorian date of March 17th for 1 – Cib "keeb" or Wisdom in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, with Venus entering Taurus, and the Pisces New Moon and total solar eclipse on the same day as the Equinox.

    March 17th for 1 – Cib "keeb" or Wisdom which carries the themes of the old ones, ancient memories that wait at the sacred sites, protection of universal consciousness, inner strength, shared teachings, the Elders, clearing away the past like the vulture, forgiveness, making amends, great sages and keepers of the ancient records. Represented by the Vulture or Owl, this is a time of releasing the past through forgiveness which creates a grateful heart space to receive the wisdom of the ancients. The next thirteen days is about surrendering something that no longer serves to make room for transformation. This is a time to forgive others and ask for forgiveness not only from individuals, but also from our mother Earth.

     Before I get into the daily energy for 1 – Cib "keeb" or Wisdom, on the 17th all the planets appear to be moving forward from our vantage point on Earth, except Jupiter and Saturn which appear to move retrograde or in reverse motion. Remember the themes of retrograde planets are the review the past, re-evaluate, reminisce and we can see these themes being played out. Jupiter retrograde in Leo brings a review of opportunities, faith, religion, beliefs and expansion. Leo is about leadership, creativity, drama, entertainment, and children. Mostly what I find with Jupiter retrograde, as with any retrograde cycle there is a review of the past, and with Jupiter what gets reviewed are missed opportunities. Saturn retrograde reviews our commitments, plans, what we do for work, and structures of our lives. This one is a little more complicated than most because Saturn begins its apparent reverse movement in Sagittarius, but eventually backs into the final degrees of Scorpio. Saturn retrograde is a task master that demands we take responsibility to review our beliefs while in Sagittarius and our ethics while in Scorpio.

     Ok let's look at the daily vibrational energy for this trecena.
March 17th for 1 – Cib "keeb" or Wisdom: unity experienced through introspection, meditation and forgiveness in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, with Venus entering Taurus which is beneficial because Taurus is more affectionate and sensual than Aries and is one of the signs Venus rules. Being an earth sign there is the realization about the damage a bad relationship can bring, so there is also a caution about entering into love too quickly. This could be a passionate energy that wants to please the significant other or lover. This is also about enjoying the arts and music along with fine food that nourishes body and soul over the next 3 plus weeks. The shift of Venus from Aries to Taurus favors comfort with soothing calm social interactions. Also on the 17th the Aquarius Moon is opposed by Jupiter, and is stimulated by Uranus and Mars which moves from folks having feelings of generosity, to later pleasant yet restless energy that desires emotional excitement, and finally bringing the desire to work independently from others.

The 18th is 2 - Caban "kah-ban" or Earth: duality experienced through gratitude for Mother Earth, while Mercury conjunct Neptune has two different possibilities, the positive is to be able to express ideas and feelings that are very subtle and not usually available to our conscious minds, which is wonderful for artistic expression and inspired exploration of mystical subjects. The negative aspect would be that imaginations go overboard into illusions and delusions. It may bring confused thinking and communications, with a temptation toward dishonesty, so it might be a time to avoid legal agreements, business dealings, and contacts due to the lack of clarity and the possibility of being misled or deceived. Also on the 18th the Pisces Moon harmonizes with Venus, is challenged by Saturn, and merges with Neptune and Mercury which shifts from wanting to be with friends and the people we love, to people feeling lonely or isolated, then later feelings of empathy for those around us, including the possibility of clairvoyance and telepathic experiences for those of us who are sensitive by nature, and finally having positive energy for integrating our thoughts and moods.

March 19th is 3 - Etznab "etz-nob" or Flint: taking action through being introspective, with the Moon in Pisces in harmony with Pluto which brings deep emotions finding their way to the surface and felt on a profound level.

The 20th is 4 - Cauac "cow-ack" or Storm: stability through recognizing the gifts in adversity, with the Pisces New Moon and total solar eclipse followed by the Equinox as the Sun enters Aries. The Pisces New Moon at 29 degrees, supported by Jupiter, and merging with the Sun in a total solar eclipse occurs 13 hours before the Equinox. This new moon represents new beginnings related to Jupiter in a favorable relationship to this lunation, finds people having a pleasant sense of wellbeing. This is the second new moon in a row at 29 degrees of its sign, which indicated this moon is wrapping up the Piscean themes of surrender and letting go, while looking in the Aries door of new beginnings and initiation just hours prior to the Sun's entry into Aries for the Equinox. We have Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron in Pisces, and Uranus and Mars in Aries, as the Moon, followed by the Sun, move from the last sign of the zodiac to the first, further intensifying the themes completion and new beginnings. This is also the first eclipse of 2015. Eclipses are particularly powerful where they can be viewed which will be over Europe and Northern Africa, although it can only be seen in its totality in the Faroe Islands and Svalbard, as the Sun rises at the North Pole for first time in six months. There is something primordial about eclipses that even with modern knowledge of the event, they still stir some deep animal uncertainty within. New Moons bring the opportunity to set an intension for manifestation on the following full moon. Look to the house of your astrology chart that contains 29 degrees 27 minutes of Pisces to consider what area of your life is being activated by this new moon. For me that would be my tenth house of career and public standing, so I would set an intension related to using this energy. This New Moon is particularly potent for making big changes through taking a leap of faith leading us deeper into 2015 as we are moving through the numerological 2 month. Certainly releasing outdated limitations, to reveal a greater awareness of our authentic true self, our new direction, and purpose. This is an unusual day with the New Moon total eclipse and Equinox happening the same day. The Equinox occurs on the 20th when the Sun enters the sign of Aries, Spring in the northern hemisphere and Autumn in the southern. This is the time when light and dark are equal. Equinox and Solstice charts have long been used as to predict events for the upcoming season. This year's Equinox chart has the Sun and Moon in a trine to Saturn, which brings a great opportunity to learn something about ourselves through our relationship with, and our effect on our environments. It brings out the close relationship between who we are and what we do. Saturn also squares Neptune indicating that structures and rules will continue to dissolve over the next three months. Venus sextiles Neptune inspiring creative and romantic imagination between planet octaves, influencing our love of beauty and mysticism. Jupiter trines Uranus, Mars, and the Moon bringing benevolent and expansive energy to the unexpected, innovative and revolutionary themes of Uranus. Mars trine Jupiter is about taking action and engaging in physical activities and growth of consciousness and knowledge. Mars conjunct Uranus may brings unexpected aggression that may be increased by the support of Jupiter. Jupiter is also the point from a yod or "finger of fate" from Mercury conjunct Chiron sextile Pluto. A yod is like a divining rod, with Mercury's consciousness and Chiron's healing holding one branch, and Pluto's transformation holding the other in uncomfortable 150 degree angles to Jupiter's expansion in Leo, indicating creativity will be very influential during the upcoming season. Although the Uranus square Pluto is still very tight at only 10 minutes of separation, I think we've all become acclimated to the themes of revolution, and transformation, in tension between the material and spiritual worlds, with upheaval, along with death and rebirth over the past 4 years to be too concerned about their influence between now and the solstice. What has been set in motion continues to influence us individually, collectively and globally for some time to come. With the Moon conjunct the South Node, the perspective of letter go of the past, particularly anything with an emotional charge, further emphasizes the themes of the New Moon solar eclipse of endings and beginnings. Over past Equinox reports I shared the technique I learned from Barbara Hand Clow regarding setting intentions for manifestation over the next year. In the north the astrological new year begins when the Sun enters 0 degrees Aries. If you are interested in the technique, you may want to review the video from March 18th 2014, for instructions regarding using the "Alchemy of Nine Dimensions", to plant consciousness seeds as intentions for the upcoming year.

March 21st is 5 - Ahau "ah-how" or Sun: empowerment through honoring the wisdom and memory of our ancestors, while the Aries Moon finds support from Jupiter, is challenged by Pluto, and merges with Uranus and Mars. The day begins with people having a pleasant sense of wellbeing, then moves to having the compulsion to act in ways that may not be good for us in the long run, followed by people feeling impulsive and acting rashly, with moods changing quickly and unexpectedly, and finally folks experiencing irritable moods and critical communications.

The 22nd is 6 - Imix "e-meesh" or Crocodile: being in the flow through nurturing new beginnings, with Mercury sextile Pluto which loves the mysterious and wants to know what cannot be known. Our minds are active in penetrating below the surface in a search for core knowledge and real knowledge in our search for truth. This is great energy for studying psychology, astrology, occult subjects, and healing techniques that are aimed at regeneration. Folks may be certain of their "truths" and engage in trying to convince others who are also certain of their personal truth, so this pairing might be better to focus on our own investigation and save persuading others for another day. Also on the 22nd the Taurus Moon merges with Venus, and harmonizes with Neptune which moves from feeling cheerful, warm, gregarious, and wanting to go out and socialize, to later having greater sensitivity to others' emotions with possible psychic impressions for those who are open.

March 23rd is 7 – Ik "eek" or Wind: reflection through communication, with the Moon in Taurus is challenged by Jupiter, supported by Pluto, and harmonizes with Mercury which shifts from benevolent and generous feelings for those in our immediate environment, to later Pluto bringing out intense emotions and stimulating sensitivity, which also favors sexual relationships, and finally folks are being very social and having lots of conversations. 

The 24th is 8 - Akbal "awk-bol" or Night: balance through contemplating the stars, with Venus sextile Neptune, inspiring creative and romantic imagination, and is very nice energy between the planet of romantic love and her higher octave the planet of unconditional love. This might be a time when we experience universal love through our personal relationships. This is also very creative and imaginative energy, that seeks and appreciates beauty. Exposure to art, music, or poetry could help renew our consciousness during the pleasant dreamy fog of this transit. Also being in a pleasant environment such as beautiful spot in the country, a lovely garden, or looking at a majestic view will be very powerful during this transit. Neptune may give us a deeper sensitivity to the feelings and needs of our loved ones, which we are more than likely going to want to satisfy. Some may have the feeling of a soul union with another during this alignment. This is a good day to indulge in daydreams and fantasies, as well as spiritual gatherings and endeavors to raise group consciousness. Also on the 24th Mercury is conjunct Chiron which makes conscious our past emotional wounds to allow healing, and express our feelings if needed. Also on the 24th the Gemini Moon harmonizes with the Sun, is opposed by Saturn, and challenged by Neptune which moves from having feelings of inner and outer equanimity, then later feeling lonely and isolated, and finally having daydreams and fantasies feeling more important than reality.

March 25th is 9 - Kan "con" or Seed or Lizard: patience experienced through planting seeds and making new connections, while the Sun trines Saturn which emphasizes great opportunities related to our environment and examining our lives and the structures we build upon. We may be reviewing habits, home situations, work, and anything else we consider important to find practical solutions. This transit is good for doing work that requires planning, discipline and self control, from which there is the opportunity to derive great satisfaction from doing such work. It's also good for overall organization and making plans to order your affairs and arrange them accordingly, due to this energetic being very thorough and meticulous, from which our efforts will achieve lasting results. You may want to undertake an intellectual discipline or technique that requires attention to detail and concentration during this time period. Also on the 25th the Moon in Gemini is in harmony with Jupiter and Uranus and challenged by Mercury, which shifts from feeling in the flow and having a sense of wholeness, followed by pleasant yet restless feelings craving emotional excitement to do something outside the daily routine, and finally folks being critical in their communications particularly with the people they have intimate relationships with.

The 26th is 10 - Chicchan "chee-chan" or Serpent: manifestation through being flexible, with the Gemini Moon stimulated by Mars which brings the desire to work independently from others.

March 27th is 11 - Cimi "key-mee" or Transformation: resolution through releasing what no longer serves us, with Venus square Jupiter. The energy of this square is usually agreeable, in that folks feel good and enjoy social interactions. A great day for doing something you enjoy, not so good for doing something you have to do, as it is low for self discipline. It's tough on dieters, because people may feel the urge to indulge in rich or sweet foods, with a caution about eating and drinking too much under this influence. This also applies to shopping as we will have a tendency to overspend on non essentials. Also on the 27th the first quarter Cancer Moon is challenged by the Sun and Uranus, supported by Neptune, in harmony with Venus, and opposed by Pluto. An emotionally busy day that starts with challenges to following our daily routines, then fantasies and daydreams distracting us from accomplishing routine tasks, followed by having pleasant energy to be with friends and loved ones, then later deep emotions rising to the surface, and finally people are likely to act hasty and jump to conclusions.

The 28th is 12 - Manik "man-eek" or Deer: understanding through being of service to others, with the Moon in Cancer finds support from Mercury and is challenged by Mars which shifts from feeling in touch with our emotions and expressing them to others , to later people feeling irritable which could lead to needless disputes.

March 29th is 13 - Lamat "la-maught" or Star or Rabbit: movement to the next stage through being grateful for abundant relationships, while the Leo Moon finds support from Saturn and the Sun which moves from having a sober realistic view of life, to later having a sense of harmony within ourselves and supports any type of group activity and relationships with the opposite sex.

    So no matter what energies are affecting you during this 1 Wisdom trecena, take some time to be in the flow of the planet by being in nature, watching a sunrise or sunset, communing with the stars, being conscious of the moment through introspection, meditation or being with someone you love. Every day is a blessing no matter what dramas beckon to distract us. We are all giving the performance of a life time on this world stage, just take some time to observe the play as well as act your part. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

    Thank you for checking out New World Birth. The next segment of "Care and feeding of a New World Age" will be on March 30th for 1 - Muluc "moo-luke" or Offering, with Mercury moving into Aries, Mars entering Taurus, the Libra Full Moon, Jupiter turning direct, and Venus entering Gemini. You can check us out on Facebook, YouTube and the Mayan Majix website. I encourage you to share this information as videos or text as widely as you choose. As always I invite you to contact me at newworldbirth@yahoo.com if you have any questions or wish to schedule a reading. I am providing readings and wish to make this service available to the greatest amount of folks, so I’ve created three options with three levels of compensation. If you've been thinking about getting a reading, please contact me, as I would like to provide you a reading during these uncertain times. You will need to be able to either call me in Maine in the U.S.A. or connect with Skype to receive your reading. We are also accepting donations to keep these reports freely available. As always I am blessed that you've taken the time to connect with my passion for these ancient mysteries and their application to our journey during this incarnation. The light in me honors the light in you… Namaste – In Lak’ech - <3

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