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Human Design Weekly Neutrino Forecast for January 26th to February 1st 2014

This is the "Weekly Neutrino Forecast for January 26th to February 1st 2014". Here at New World Birth, we have been invited to initiate a new format to make these videos more manageable than the previous monthly format. So this being the first full week after the Rave New Year, we felt it would be timely to introduce a weekly offering. I'll cover some foundation information in this video, so that future forecasts will focus solely on the week's energetic.
    Human Design is based on four ancient wisdom systems as a bridge to understanding our potential, to discover our path to making decisions that are correct for us as individuals: those are the traditions of Astrology, the I'Ching, the Hindu Brahmin Chakra system, and Kabalistic Tree of Life. You're probably wondering how these systems work together in HD? We start by looking at the position of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Nodes as we would in astrology, except instead of relating them to the Zodialogical constellations and each other by the angles they make, we look at them in relation to the hexagrams of the I'Ching, which are then mapped to specific locations in the body graph. On January 26th we have the Sun in Aquarius also in the 41st hexagram. The shapes inside the body graph are called centers and represent the next stage in our evolution as humans from having seven chakras to having nine centers. The pathways between the centers are called channels and are from the Kabala. The black strips of paper in this diagram represent the gates activated by the Sun, Planets, and Nodes regardless if they form a channel. I'm not going to follow the moon with this demonstration, because it moves so fast that it activates three to four gates a day.
      The Sun in the 41st hexagram is mapped to an opening in an energy channel called a gate, which is the 41st gate of "Contraction (Decrease); The limitation of resources which maximizes development of potential", located on the lower right edge of the Root center in an abstract collective energy path called "Recognition" when connected to the 30. I have found HD to be so amazingly accurate that I use it as my primary tool when I provide readings. We have the following hanging gates or potentials at the beginning of the week; the Sun in the 41st gate, the Earth in the 31st gate, North node in the 28th gate and the South Node in the 27, Mercury in the 49th gate, Venus in the 38, Mars in the 32, Jupiter in the 39, Saturn in the 43, Uranus in the 17, Neptune in the 55, and Pluto in the 38. Obviously not every gate activation forms a channel, but this information can be very helpful if you know your own Human Design chart, because some of these transits will form channels with potentials in your personal body graph. You can get your HD chart by going to, clicking on the button that says "Get your free Rave Chart", and entering your birth information.
    Almost all week we have the Channel of Struggle and this time with Pluto and the North Node creating the definition we've been feeling the struggle for months and will continue until the 31st. This brings experiences where people struggle against overwhelming odds. It is through this archetypal "hero's journey" of fighting for our purpose that empowers others to stubbornly fight for what holds meaning for them. This is about empowerment that comes from being who we are meant to be instead of following the conditioning of our families, schools, religions and governments. As an individual channel it is said to be deaf, so folks don't hear the other and become distracted from their authentic path. To me the key to utilizing this energetic is that the struggle is worthwhile when you are fighting for something that has meaning and purpose in your life. We'll have several months to learn from our struggles or simply be conditioned by them. Follow your Human Design strategy and authority and your purpose will unfold. This reminds me of a chrysalis when the caterpillar is in the cocoon in the pupa stage, it has to struggle to emerge as a butterfly. And through this struggle it develops the mechanics that it needs for its transformed vehicle. If it is freed from the cocoon without experiencing the work of liberating itself, it will not have what it needs to survive as a butterfly. My experience of friends with this channel is that I have to make them wait when they seek my guidance. If I try to answer their questions too soon, the answer will not be accepted or applied. They also seem to need to stay in a disagreeable situation longer than most folks. As a metaphor, let's say the well is running dry, most people move on because the last few buckets of water are going to have some mud in them. But the folks I know with the channel of struggle are putting in the effort to not only get the water from those bucketfuls, but also scraping the bottom of the well for any residual moisture. I think that when these people leave a situation, they know there is nothing left to go back for. They have extracted the last bit of wisdom from any situation before letting it go. Those of us with definition in the integration channels also need to realize that the 28th gate siphons that instinct for survival into their struggle. I have the 34, so I have seen my power depleted by the struggle of others. Of course I'm conscious of this and these are people I care about.
Also this week we have Jupiter in the 39 connecting with Neptune in the 55 bringing the Channel of Emoting, until March 14th, which will be a time period when people feel pressure in the form of an emotional wave. The best way to deal with this level of sensitivity is to appreciate the lows as well as the highs. Recognizing that it is all part of our human experience and is temporary for those of us who don't have this channel in our birth charts. This can bring lessons that yield wisdom as long as we can stay present in moving from hope to despair and back to hope in this cycle. We can tap into great creativity by fueling our melancholy or feeling "blue" into some form of artistic expression. This brings deeply romantic and acoustic sensitivity so listening to music or talking with a loved one is favored.
     On January 26th we have the Sun in the 5th line of the 41st hexagram which is "Authorization: The external recognition of one's potential despite limitations." The Sun moves into the 6th line of the 41st hexagram at 12:39 pm EST. The Sun in the 41.6 is "Contagion: The law that the maximization of potential not only ends decrease, but inevitably such transcendence benefits others." Also on the 26th Mercury moves from the 49 to the 30. Mercury is communication. What needs to be communicated in the 30? Fate! This is the gate of "Recognition of feelings (The clinging fire): Freedom recognized as illusion and limitation as fate." In the first line it's "Composure: Balance in the face of disorder. Stability and balance through feelings, with the potential to hold on to them." Mercury in the 30 connected to the Sun in the 41, we have the Channel of Recognition until the 27th. This gives us a day to dream, for the sake of the dream, without the expectation of the dream coming true or bringing lasting peace. This is part of the abstract collective circuitry, so sharing experiences about our hopes and dreams with others will have a profound ability to stir their feelings. I'd expect folks to be more restless in their experience of a connection between the Root and Solar Plexus, also for those who do not have emotional definition this channel and Emoting can bring the unfamiliar wave of emotions, yearning to feel in order to learn.  
On the 27th the Sun moves from the 41 to the 19 and the Earth moves from the 31 to the 33. This shift happens at 10:47 am EST with the Sun in the 19th gate of "Waiting (Approach): That all things are interrelated is apparent and manifested through the action of approach", and is exalted in the 1st line "Interdependence, The successful approach that does not lose its individual character in acceptance." With the entry of the Sun in the 19th hexagram is where we feel the pressure of a new year beginning. The pressure to needs. Need to have enough food, not just for you, but for your tribe, and maybe even some extra, in case someone from the extended tribe needs resources. To have all the needs that are rooted in the material demands living in the tribe and community. The needs related to home and family. The pressure to have the needed resources begins with the Sun in the 19th gate.
The Sun moves into the 2nd line of the 19th hexagram on the 28th at 8:55 am EST. The Sun in the 19.2 which is keynoted as "Service: The dedication of personal resources as a result of external contact. Dedication and service to the highest values or indecision that eventually leads to compliance."
January 29th we have the Sun in the 19th hexagram in the 3rd line at 7:03 am EST. Which is "Dedication: Receptivity to approach can only be maintained through vigilance. Sensitivity and ease fueled by acceptance of others or the need to be wanted hampered by over sensitivity".
On the 30th the Sun moves into the 4th line of the 19 at 5:12 am EST, which is described as "The team player: Individual approach which attracts and accepts cooperation. The energy to seek out and exalt in the company of others or a sensitivity energized by the limitation of others".
On the 31st the North Node moves from the 28 to the 50 and the South Node moves from the 27 to the 3. Also Mercury moves from the 30 to the 55, emphasizing communications about the abundance of spirit where it joins Neptune. The 55 is keynoted as "Abundance is strictly a question of spirit" and in the 1st line it's "Co-operation: The potential to co-operate with powerful forces for the benefit of spirit or not." Mercury is exalted in the 55.1 due to Jupiter being in the opposing 39th gate. The nodes are almost always retrograde and can take a few months to back through a gate, so this shift is significant, first we let go of the channel of struggle which we've experienced for a few months. The North Node in the Cauldron of 50 is about values to serve and enrich the present and future, particularly related to the preservation of children. The South Node in the gate of "Ordering, difficulty at the beginning, the fundamental challenge of initiation is to transcend confusion and establish order." On the 31st the Sun moves into the 5th line of the 19th hexagram at 3:21 am EST. The Sun in the 19.5 is "Sacrifice: The need to limit personal potential in order to achieve a target goal."
On February 1st the Sun moves into the 6th line of the 19th hexagram at 1:30 am EST. The Sun in the 19.6 is "The recluse: The avoidance of contact in general but not exclusively." Exalted, "The fool on the hill. The sage, if you can find him, will talk to you. The energy which generally fuels avoidance". Detrimented, "The sulking child. The self imposed exile that will only end when it attracts an appropriate and soothing reaction. Oversensitivity to rejection that fuels avoidance". Then later on the 1st the Sun moves from the 19 to the 13 and the Earth moves from the 33 to the 7. This shift happens at 11:40 pm EST with the Sun in the 13th gate of "The Listener (The Fellowship of Man); Universal ideas and values in an ordered framework which inspires humanistic cooperation", and in the 1st line of "Empathy, The ability to relate and commune with equanimity." The exaltation is "Openness in listening to others with affection" and detrimented "Openness that is never free of motives, such as politicians kissing babies."
Being a projector with an undefined sacral this may be a case of not "knowing when enough is enough", but my channel of awareness and my gate of details wanted to add the Godheads to the weekly reports so here goes...
We start this exploration into the 16 Gods' heads with "The Keepers of the Wheel". Hexagrams 61, 60, 41, and 19 make up the gates associated with "The Keepers of the Wheel". This is symbolic of the ending and beginning being the same, which is a theme of the Quarter of Mutation. Energy cannot be destroyed, it just changes form. A hidden quality that comes from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of being more elemental than personal, as it differs from the gods' heads we will explore in upcoming forecasts. The wheel of life that moves due to unseen forces, like prayer wheels at Buddhist temples. In Hinduism this is prakriti and purusha, the temporal and the eternal. That life is terminal and yet the personality crystal endures. A metaphor of this is the word AUM, which the Ah sound starts at the back of the throat and represents the beginning. The Ooh filling the mouth and representing sustaining. And the Mmm brings the sound to the lips and represents completion. But AUM is said to have 4 letters, the fourth being the silence that proceeds it, underlies it, and continues after completion... the eternal. This energetic exists in many different cultures that see time as cyclical rather than linear, with the Mayan Tzolkin calendar being an excellent example, as it moves through 260 day cycles in a "round" that has no beginning or end. The Keepers of the Wheel remind us that past and future are an illusion and that now is boundless.
    So no matter what energies are conditioning you during January, take some time to be in the flow of the planet by being in nature, watching a sunrise or sunset, communing with the stars, being conscious of the moment through introspection, meditation or being truly present with someone you love. Every day is a blessing no matter what dramas beckon to distract us. We are all giving the performance of a life time on this world stage, just take some time to observe the play as well as act your part. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

    Thank you for checking out New World Birth. The next segment of the "Weekly Neutrino Forecast" will be for February 2nd 2014 and be available on the 1st, when we will continue to look at the influence of the heavenly bodies as they transit the sky and the hexagrams of the I'Ching. We'll also take a look at the Kali god head. You can check us out on Facebook, and YouTube. I encourage you to share this information as videos or text as widely as you choose. I'll also be discussing the transits of February 2014 and providing short Human Design readings to the participants of the "Earth needs Rebels" show on Orion Talk Radio on Monday February 3rd. I invite you to contact me at if you have any questions or wish to schedule a reading. So if you've been thinking about getting a reading, please contact me, as I would like to provide you a reading during these uncertain times. You will need to be able to either call me in Maine in the U.S.A. or connect with Skype to receive your reading. We are also accepting donations to keep these reports freely available. As always I am blessed that you've taken the time to connect with my passion for these ancient mysteries and their application to our journey during this incarnation. The light in me honors the light in you… Namaste – In Lak’ech - and as Ra would say "love yourself."

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