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Astrology and Mayan Tzolkin for January 25th to February 6th 2014

This is the "Care and feeding of a New World Age" report for Gregorian date of January 25th 2014 for 1 - Ahau "ah-how" or Sun in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, with the beginning of the Chinese year of the Green Wood Horse, the Aquarius new moon, Mercury moving into Pisces, Venus turning direct, and Mercury turning retrograde.
     January 25th 2014 for 1 - Ahau "ah-how" or Sun which carries the themes of honoring ancestors, flowers, light, ascension, co-creation, unconditional love, enlightenment, opening up to new possibilities and beginnings, wholeness, and the awakening to miracles. I love that flowers is one of the symbols of Ahau, because the name Patanjali, the author of the Yoga Sutras, means one who casts flowers through time, which a quality of Ahau is the ancestors casting their wisdom through time. Ahau is considered to be one of the most sacred of days, because life would not exist on the Earth without the warmth and light of the Sun. Being both a wave and a particle, light transcends form. This 13 day period is about shining light on any uncertainty, honoring our ancestors, and taking time to purify our light to heal our spirits and Mother Earth.
    During the Ahau trecena we enter February which is the second month and with the digits for 2014, when added together we get 9, then we have a nine month in numerology. Basic numerology reduces numbers to one through nine, so when we think about that arc the 9 represents a time of completion. Although the numerology in January and February 2014 repeat November and December 2013 with January being an eight month and February being a nine month, so this is actually the completion cycle that leads to the new cycle beginning in March. Which in astrology the new year begins in March with the Vernal Equinox. As a nine month, February 2014 is about tasks and projects that were initiated since April of last year, and anything that is no longer needed is wrapped up and moved out of the way of the new cycle. This also brings the energy that what was begun must be completed. So this month is a time to tie up loose ends so we clean our plate for something new as events begin to give us hints about a new direction to take. February is about clearing out the old people, places, and things that no longer are of benefit, to make room for their new counterparts which will emerge in March. The nine is represented by the Hermit archetype in the Tarot cards, which is also about completion, contemplation, and introspection. This is the archetype of the wise lantern barer. The way shower whose life experience guides others through similar passages. Another thing I find interesting about this year is we have two new moons in January, none in February, and another two new moons in March. This sets powerful new energies in motion that require the numerological nine month of February to release the old, worn out, whether it's aspects of self, life situations, attitudes that no longer work, or concepts, beliefs, or perceptions that have out grown their usefulness. 2014 when added together become seven, so as a seven year there is emphasis on the inner aspects of awareness, strength, wisdom and knowledge. The seven in the Tarot is the Chariot, so 2014 is a Chariot year, which is about finding our stillness even as we are in motion. Taoist philosophy remarks that change is successful when "the great rooted tree by the flowing river" is combined within the natural setting. Given that we are in the midst of great global and individual transformation, the Chariot reminds us to incorporate equal proportions of contemplation and quietude in 2014. Something that I find interesting is we are entering into the Chinese new year of the Green Wood Horse. Typically what pulls the Chariot? A horse.
     During this trecena we have the Chinese new year of the Green Wood Horse. Actually the Chinese have two beginnings. The lunar (yin) beginning is the 31st, and the solar (yang) beginning February 4th. So in January we are wrapping up the year of the Black Water Snake. Horse years are about change, building or rebuilding, making new friends and leaving worn out alliances behind, changing our image. They bring industry and social gatherings to an all out gallop. This is very busy energy bringing a flurry of activity. Dragons and Horses are auspicious to the Chinese, as the Dragon is the best flyer and the Horse is the best runner. Horses are a symbol of traveling, competition, and victory, and connected with speedy success to the Chinese. Horse is also the non-conformist, which will inspire people to act independently. Wood is community oriented, but with Horse this is like the prodigal son, who leaves home early but then returns to take care of the parents, when they are elderly. Green gives a focus on living things. I picture this as a group of maverick horses charging across the open plains. They are social but also unique. This brings a focus on resolving problems in a quick, direct manner that abhors wishy-washy people. The year of the Horse is a time of adventure, excitement, victory, and surprising romances, which includes bolting from them as well. We might expect the global economy to get stronger as industrial manufacturing will be on the rise, or economic chaos and collapse such as the Yellow Earth Horse year of 1918 with World War One, or the Great Depression of 1930 during a White Metal Horse year. 1966 was a Red Fire Horse year with social unrest and uprisings in the United States, and the peak of the Cultural Revolution in China. Basically there is no middle ground in Horse years. 1954 was the last Wood Horse year, the US had been experiencing the "Second Red Scare" since 1950, which under the leadership of Senator Joseph McCarthy, made accusations of disloyalty, subversion, and treason without proper regard for evidence. During that Wood Horse year there were events like the "See It Now" documentary of journalist Edward R Murrow and Fred W Friendly, showing the maverick qualities of the horse with "A Report on Senator Joseph McCarthy" and later in the Year of the Wood Horse, Joseph Welch of the special counsel for the United States Army, lashed out at Senator McCarthy during hearings on whether Communism had infiltrated the Army saying "Have you, at long last, no decency?", after McCarthy's hearing on the U.S. Army being "soft" on Communism. Followed by the United States Senate voting 67-22 to condemn Joseph McCarthy for "conduct that tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute", which emphasizes the Horse year's energy for change that comes from leaving worn out alliances behind. U.S president Dwight Eisenhower warned against intervention in Vietnam, but later in the Horse year gives his "domino theory" speech during a news conference. The French battled against the Viet Mihn in Dien Bien Phu Vietnam, which after two months ends in the defeat of the French troops and the Geneva Conference sending French forces south and Vietnamese forces north of the ceasefire line which eventually leads to the establishment of the regimes of North Vietnam and South Vietnam, also beginning the Korean Cold War between communist North and capitalist South. The U.S. tests a hydrogen bomb, Castle Bravo at the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean and the Soviet Union test fires a thermonuclear bomb for the first time. Again we see the Horse energy changing alliances, in this case between two allies in World War II. The CIA engineers a military coup in Guatemala which triggers a bloody civil war that lasts for more than 35 years. The Muslim Brotherhood attempted to kill Gamal Abdel Nasser during the Green Horse year, later in 1954, when the Egyptian president is deposed Nasser replaces him. Horse years are pioneering and the last Wood Horse year had the first mass vaccinations of children, RCA manufactures the first color TV set, the first televised prize fight in color, Bill Haley and his Comets record "Rock Around the Clock" starting the rock and roll craze, The Nautilus, the first nuclear powered submarine is commissioned into the U.S. Navy and put to sea, the Unification Church is founded in South Korea, Brown vs. the Board of Education is heard by the U.S. Supreme Court which determines segregation as being unconstitutional, food rationing in Great Britain ends 14 years after it began early in World War II, Italian mountaineers are the first to summit K2 in the Himalayan Mountains, the first issue of "Sports Illustrated" is published, the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization is established, the first television broadcast of the Miss America pageant, "Lord of the Flies" is published, development of the first commercial transistor radio, the first "Godzilla" film premiers in Tokyo, the first successful kidney transplant surgery, the first electric drip coffee maker invented in Germany, and the TV dinner was introduced. This is a lot of social cultural change which is the theme of Wood Horse years, along with taking action, traveling, and executive decisions to bring success through freedom, passion, and leadership.
    Before I get into the daily energy for 1- Sun, on the 25th all the planets appear to move forward from our vantage point on Earth except Venus and Jupiter, which appear to move retrograde or in reverse motion.  Venus retrograde in Capricorn brings the planet of esthetics, romance, and money to remain in the sign of the goat-fish for four months. Venus moved through its shadow period since November 20th when it crossed the point where it will eventually turn direct and remained in the shadow prior to turning retrograde on December 21st, where we received information about needing to adjust our direction. Venus turned retrograde on the Winter Solstice December 21st, at 28 and change almost 29 degrees of Capricorn and continues to appear to be moving in reverse until January 31st at 13 Capricorn, which is the time when we will notice events related to our relationships and/or money that shifts our thinking to prepare us for the change we will implement after Venus is direct. Also Venus retrograde brings people from our past pulling at our heartstrings. Jupiter was the king of the gods, and the planet is about good fortune, opportunities, faith, religion, beliefs and expansion. Cancer is about family, home, nurturing, and protection. Mostly what I find with Jupiter retrograde, as with any retrograde cycle there is a review of the past, and with Jupiter what gets reviewed are missed opportunities. In Cancer these are likely to be related to home and family. When I think of these two retrogrades in concert in at the beginning of the Ahau 13 day period, we may have folks reviewing their past relationships for missed opportunities. Because Venus also rules money we'll be reviewing past financial dealings with an eye for choices that did not work out as planned. Overall something from the past needs to be resolved as we are moving into a nine month in numerology in February, whether it's love relationships, or financial connections, and in Capricorn, we need to be committed to our resolution. Overall I think the trap to watch out for is regret. The past is the past, so let go of regrets and try not to waste much thought on whether someone who has dumped you in the past, regrets their choice. I think those without regrets tend to be shallow people and if you were tossed aside by one of them, they probably did you a favor, but with Mars in Libra, some will aggressively pursue those partners that they regret losing.
    The big change for this trecena is that Mercury turns retrograde February 6th and later turns direct on the 28th, so most of the month would be a good time to avoid signing contracts or other legal papers, making any major purchases, or even taking a new job. If you can postpone these types of activities the terms will be much clearer after Mercury is moving direct. Mercury retrogrades force us to slow down and pay more attention to our lives by making us focus on the details of our daily experience. When looking at a retrograde cycle of any of the personal or inner planets, it provides information about a correction to our present course. During this report period we have Mercury beginning to travel through the first stage of the retrograde process on 1/22. There are two important points to be aware of in looking at the cycle. We look at the point where the planet appears to move backwards and the point where it appears to move forward again. The first stage represents the shadow time between passing 18 degrees Aquarius, the point where the planet will eventually begin moving forward again and the point where the planet slows, stops, and begins moving in reverse, 3 degrees Pisces. During the first stage we receive information about needing to adjust our direction. The second stage is the retrograde phase and is a time to watch the events that occur related to the information received in the 1st stage. The 3rd stage begins when the planet is moving forward again until crossing the line where it originally turned retrograde. During the 3rd stage we move forward with a revision to our previous course. We will entered the 1st stage for Mercury on January 22nd, so from then until February 6th, we are receiving information about an adjustment that needs to be made in our lives. Mercury is retrograde from 2/6 at 3 Pisces until 2/28 at 18 Aquarius which will be the time when we will notice events that shift our thinking, and from February 28th to March 20th, we are in the 3rd stage where we implement the change in direction from the awareness gained through experiencing this process. I'll go into even more detail about Mercury and the trickster during the 1 - Ben "ben" or Reed or Corn trecena report.
    Ok let's look at the daily vibrational energy for this trecena. January 25th 2014 for 1 - Ahau "ah-how" or Sun: unity experienced through honoring the wisdom and memory of our ancestors, while we have Mercury square Saturn which favors heavy mental contemplating that requires disciplined thinking, a sharper mind and higher standard for quality. But it also brings difficulty in communicating and being understood by others. Not the best time for any type of negotiations, with folks misinterpreting each other, so I'd delay business dealings for a day or two. This is also a time when people are more likely to withdraw and feel lonely. The gift of this passage is it increases our ability to think practically, but we also see the imperfections and flaws. Just remember Saturn is in Scorpio, so make sure you've done your research before speaking with authority, otherwise you may find yourself receiving some sort of censure, as the Scorpio Moon merges with Saturn and then is challenged by Mercury at 8:55am EST, so from then until 10:13 pm EST when it moves into Sagittarius, the moon is Void of Course. This energetic moves from wanting to be alone in our thoughts and feelings while our moods influencing our ability to think rationally, then from 8:55 am to 10:13 pm avoiding major decisions or purchases, but is good to use for resting to assimilate this latest round of energy and experiences. The 26th is 2 - Imix "e-meesh" or Crocodile: duality experienced through nurturing new beginnings, as the Sagittarius Moon is challenged by Neptune, harmonizes with the Sun, and finds support from Uranus. Which moves from bringing our dreams into the day's vibration, to feelings of inner and outer equanimity, and finally having the impulse to engage in activities that make us feel more alive. January 27th is 3 - Ik "eek" or Wind: taking action through communication, while the Moon in Sagittarius in harmony with Mars and Mercury, which moves from having the desire to work independently from others, to lots of chatting with friends, neighbors, coworkers... The 28th is 4 - Akbal "awk-bol" or Night: stability through contemplating the stars, while the Capricorn Moon harmonizes with Neptune, is challenged by Uranus, merges with Pluto and Venus, and is opposed by Jupiter. Which brings an energetically busy day moving from being very sensitive to the moods of others, to people are likely to act hasty and jump to conclusions, then we have more intense moods rising to the surface from deep in our psyches, while having feelings of generosity, and finally feeling cheerful, warm, gregarious, and wanting to go out and socialize. January 29th is 5 - Kan "con" or Seed or Lizard: empowerment through planting seeds and making new connections, with the Aquarius Sun sextile Uranus makes the day more interesting, from our encounters with others being more illuminating, to enlightened experiences while moving through our normal routine. This stimulates our curiosity and imaginations. Folks are quick witted and conversations are lively, but they also may be less tolerant of any restrictions. Under this influence it's more important to be true to your authentic individual self, than meeting other people's expectations, as the Moon is Capricorn harmonizes with Saturn and is challenged by Mars, which brings realistic expectations through being calm and reflective, while people are feeling irritable which could lead to needless disputes. The 30th is 6 - Chicchan "chee-chan" or Serpent: being in the flow through being flexible, as we have the second New Moon of the month also known as the Black Moon, this time in the sign of Aquarius, as it harmonizes with Uranus, and merges with the Sun. Aquarius illuminates social justice, impartiality, freedom, individuality, and innovation. Ruled by Uranus, which is the only other heavenly body other than the Sun making a major angle in the lunation, this new moon represents pleasant yet restless feelings craving emotional excitement to do something outside the daily routine, at a time of new beginnings. New Moons bring the opportunity to set an intension for manifestation on the following full moon. Look to the house of your astrology chart that contains 10 degrees 55 minutes of Aquarius to consider what area of your life is being activated by this new moon. For me that would be my eighth house of transformation, death and rebirth, so I would set an intension related to using this energy to go into greater depths regarding my spiritual path and with Uranus involved I will want to be open to unexpected and surprising influences that reveal new information, perhaps regarding something outside my comfort zone. This New Moon is particularly potent for make big changes through taking a leap of faith leading us deeper into 2014, as the Chinese Year of the Horse shoots out of the starting gate. Remember February 2014 is a nine month in numerology, indicating that we need to clean house, as part of the new beginning particularly letting go as we move towards the Full Moon on February 14th. January 31st is 7 - Cimi "key-mee" or Transformation: reflection through releasing what no longer serves us, while Mercury moves into Pisces which brings our minds and communications into the realm of psychic revelations. Because Mercury turns retrograde on February 6th it will back into Aquarius and return to the fishes in March. While in Pisces will be a time period with strong spiritual undercurrents and otherworldly realizations, but also brings great confusion. Look for world news and personal events involving water. This will be a time of completions as Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac. Venus appears to be stopped at the end of the month prior to appearing to turn direct or in forward motion from the perspective on Earth, in the sign of Capricorn, which brings the planet of esthetics, romance, and money to remain in the sign of the goat-fish for four months. When a planet is stopped it is said to be at the peak of its power. Venus moved through its shadow period from November 20th to December 21st last year, when it crossed the point where it is currently turning direct, when we received information about needing to adjust our direction. Venus has been retrograde from the Winter Solstice December 21st, at 28 and change almost 29 degrees of Capricorn until January 31st at 13 Capricorn, which has been the time when we notice events related to our relationships and/or money that shifts our thinking to prepare us for the change we will implement after Venus is direct. Venus will take a few days to build momentum in moving forward again, which highlights the implementation of our new cosmic course correction until March 4th, that is based on the information and experiences during the Venus retrograde cycle. This will likely come as a calling from the heart to flow with major energy shifts, and in Capricorn it may be connected to business, career or relationships related to these environments. Also on January 31st Jupiter is opposed by Pluto which begins Jupiter's interaction with the Uranus Pluto square to exactitude for the second time and building towards the Grand Cross in April during the third such alignment. This can seem like the completion of a long drive towards success or power, but it brings an important caution, because there is resistance from unseen and powerful forces. This is a time to follow your strategy and authority very closely if you've had a Human Design reading, to move through this time with relative ease, as opposed to folks who will try to think their way through something the mind can't grasp and only detriments. People can become ruthless in their desire to get ahead, under this Jupiter Pluto tug of war. The influence will last a few days before and after the 31st. This is a time where there are difficulties with the law and even arrests, so this will be important to watch local and world events as people will provoke authorities with very unfavorable consequences. This also indicates the possibility of fanatical or obsessive behavior, where folks are certain they are right and unwilling to consider another point of view. Self righteousness will abound. This day can go either way from making a power play or being the victim of one. The best way to navigate this energy is to work for the best interest of others, for the highest good, but recognize that beliefs can change so be open to considering other opinions. Also on the 31st the Moon is challenged by Saturn,  harmonizes with Mars, and merges with Mercury, which moves from people feeling lonely or isolated, while having the desire to work independently from others, and then later positive energy for integrating our thoughts and moods. February 1st is 8 - Manik "man-eek" or Deer: balance through being of service to others, as the Pisces Moon merges with Neptune, finds support from Jupiter, and is in harmony with Pluto and Venus. They day moves from feelings of empathy for those around us, including the possibility of clairvoyance and telepathic experiences for those of us who are sensitive by nature, to later people having a pleasant sense of wellbeing, while experiencing deep emotions on a profound level, and finally wanting to be with friends and the people we love. February 2nd is 9 - Lamat "la-maught" or Star or Rabbit: patience experienced through being grateful for abundant relationships, while the Pisces Moon finds support from Saturn, and then is VOC from 11:35 am EST to 11:55 pm EST when it enters Aries. The day's energy moves from having a more sober and realistic view of life, and then for over 12 hours does not favor major decisions or purchases, but is good to use for resting to assimilate this latest round of energy and experiences. The 3rd is 10 - Muluc "moo-luke" or Offering: manifestation through appreciating creation, with the Aries Moon merging with Uranus, and challenged by Jupiter, Pluto, and Venus, which people feeling impulsive and acting rashly, with moods changing quickly and unexpectedly, then benevolent and generous feelings for those in our immediate environment, and having the compulsion to act in ways that may not be good for us in the long run, to finally pleasant energy for being with the others we want to know better. February 4th is 11 - Oc "awk" or Dog: resolution through enjoying family and friends, while the Moon in Aries harmonizes with the Sun and is opposed by Mars, the day moves from feeling balance between our inner and outer worlds, to opposed by Mars which influences people to be more excitable and irritable which can cause problems in our personal lives. The 5th is 12 - Chuen "shoe-in" or Monkey: understanding through creating something new, while the Taurus Moon harmonizes with Mercury and Neptune which goes from being very social and chatty, to being very sensitive to the moods of others. February 6th is 13 - Eb "eb" or Road : movement to the next stage serving your community, while we have Mercury turning retrograde at 3 degrees Pisces. Even folks who don't follow astrology are aware of Mercury's retrograde effect on communication, technology and travel. This begins a time that shifts our review of information below the surface, with a focus on the deeper Piscean themes of illusion, deception, imagination, adaptability and forgiveness, until it return to Aquarius on the 12th. From the 6th to the 28th would be a good time to avoid signing contracts or other legal papers, making any major purchases, or even taking a new job. If you can postpone these types of activities the terms will be much clearer after Mercury is moving direct. While the first quarter Moon in Taurus harmonizes with Jupiter, finds support from Pluto and Venus, is challenged by the Sun, and opposed by Saturn. The lunar influence goes from feeling in the flow and having a sense of wholeness, to Pluto bringing out intense emotions and stimulating sensitivity, which also favors sexual relationships, then enjoying pleasant feelings and social interactions, later we encounter challenges to our daily routines, and finally feeling lonely and isolated.
    So no matter what energies are affecting you during this 1 Sun trecena, take some time to be in the flow of the planet by being in nature, watching a sunrise or sunset, communing with the stars, being conscious of the moment through introspection, meditation or being with someone you love. Every day is a blessing no matter what dramas beckon to distract us. We are all giving the performance of a life time on this world stage, just take some time to observe the play as well as act your part. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

    Thank you for checking out New World Birth. The next segment of "Care and feeding of a New World Age" will be on February 7th 2014 for 1 - Ben "ben" or Reed or Corn, with retrograde Mercury moving into Aquarius, the Leo Full Moon, and the Sun moving into Pisces. You can check us out on Facebook, YouTube and the Mayan Majix website. I encourage you to share this information as videos or text as widely as you choose. I'll be discussing the astrology of February 2014, and providing short Human Design readings to the participants on the "Earth needs Rebels" show on Orion Talk Radio on Monday February 3rd. As always I invite you to contact me at if you have any questions or wish to schedule a reading. I am providing readings and wish to make this service available to the greatest amount of folks, so I’ve created three options with three levels of compensation. These readings are designed to provide information to help you navigate these difficult times. At the basic level we will look at your human design chart to help you understand how to use your individual strategy and authority in making life decisions based on your unique design. I include the next three months of astrological transits as they relate to your natal and progressed astrology charts, along with the human design reading at the middle level. At the top level the human design and astrological transit reading will be recorded and sent to you as an MP3 file to be downloaded to your computer. So if you've been thinking about getting a reading, please contact me, as I would like to provide you a reading during these uncertain times. You will need to be able to either call me in Maine in the U.S.A. or connect with Skype to receive your reading. We are also accepting donations to keep these reports freely available. As always I am blessed that you've taken the time to connect with my passion for these ancient mysteries and their application to our journey during this incarnation. The light in me honors the light in you… Namaste – In Lak’ech - <3

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