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Astrology and Mayan Tzolkin for June 14th to June 26th 2016

This is the "Care and feeding of a New World Age" report for Gregorian date of June 14th 2016 and 1 – Chuen "shoe-in" or Monkey in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, with Venus entering Cancer, the second Sagittarius Full Moon, the Solstice with the Sun entering Cancer, and Chiron turning retrograde

    June 14th is 1 – Chuen "shoe-in" or Monkey carries the themes of new beginnings, good fortune, innocent curiosity leading to artistic expression, mischief similar to "Coyote spirit" and trickster gods in many native traditions, generosity, the "Jack of All Trades", weaving the threads of time, craftsmanship, and wisdom keeping. 1 - Monkey is the 131st day in the 260 day Tzolkin calendar marking the beginning of the second half of the round. The calendar starts with Crocodile as the primal nurturing energy for beginnings and the second half begins with Monkey as the artisan who creates something new. These are arbitrary points as many different Mayan groups celebrate different days to begin the Tzolkin round and ultimately it is just that, round like a circle having no beginning or end. The 1- Monkey trecena is a good thirteen day period to be generous with your creativity, wisdom, curiosity, and time to help others explore new beginnings and, in doing so, discovering something new in yourself.

     Before I get into the daily energy for 1 – Chuen "shoe-in" or Monkey, on the 14th all the planets appear to be moving forward from our vantage point on Earth, except Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto which appears to move retrograde or in reverse motion. Remember the themes of retrograde planets are the review the past, re-evaluate, reminisce and we can see these themes being played out. Mars representing drive and aggression, began its retrograde in Sagittarius. Mars then backed into Scorpio, the sign of its traditional rulership on May 27th. While Mars is retrograde in Scorpio the ethics of our actions are reviewed. Retrograde Mars can cause frustration as our energy to get things done is retarded, which can lead to irritability and aggression. Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius delays success until perseverance and patience are learned. Sagittarius themes are travel, education, adventure, expanding our horizons, and planning for upcoming experiences. Saturn brings the details to the grand overview of Sagittarius. Saturn retrograde is a task master that demands we take responsibility to review our beliefs while in Sagittarius. Neptune retrograde is seeking transcendence through spiritual experiences. This will be a time to use spiritual practices to keep us grounded as we expand our intuition and consciousness. Both Neptune and Pisces, the sign it rules, tend to be dreamy, imaginative, difficult to nail down due to their qualities of illusion and illumination often without any way to know which is which. They represent compassion and co-dependence, selflessness and loss of self, higher purpose and substance abuse, in their inspiration to transcend the material plane and experience something beyond words and thoughts. Pluto the planet of transformation through a death and rebirth cycle, is retrograde, which is about reviewing the past, and is a time of releasing anything from the past that is a burden to our new path. Pluto represents death, completion, and in Capricorn, the breakdown of structures, to bring about transformation.          

    The big change in the Monkey trecena is Chiron in Pisces is slowing to a stop as it prepares to turn retrograde on June 26th. Chiron retrograde in Pisces is about releasing stuck emotional energy, so that we can return to the natural flow of life. Chiron is the wounded healer in Greek mythology. He was a teacher, healer, and astrologer to the Gods. He was abandoned at birth because his mother objected to her son being half man and half horse, which was his first wound. When he was teaching Hercules to use Hydra's blood as poison, Hercules mistakenly hit Chiron in the leg with a poisoned arrow, but because Chiron was immortal he didn't die. He suffered the pain of his wounds every day of his life. Chiron eventually traded his life to have Prometheus released from his imprisonment for stealing fire and giving it to the human race. Retrograde Chiron has us reviewing our wounds so that they can be released, by having the courage to open our hearts to any fear or pain associated with our past. When Chiron is in Pisces people are willing to sacrifice their individual pain in hopes of finding bliss in Universal consciousness. At its worst this can manifest as folks justifying their victim-hood as some form of martyrdom. This should be transcendence and surrender without losing ourselves in the experience. The last time Chiron was in Pisces was from 1961 to 1968,  which was also the time that Uranus and Pluto were merged in Virgo, planting the seeds for the squares between Pluto and Uranus that finished exact alignments last year, but whose influence we will be experiencing for years to come. At that time of the last transit of Chiron through Pisces there was a growing drug culture, as people were looking for a shortcut to transcendence. The retrograde aspect brings a longing for lost loves and the memories of our losses, encouraging us to return to look at our core wounds and bring them to the surface so they can be healed. Another trap of Chiron in Pisces is codependent relationships where we focus on healing others rather than ourselves. Chiron will turn direct at the end of November, so this time of exploring the depths of our psyche will be with us for months to come.

     Ok let's look at the daily vibrational energy for this trecena.
June 14th is 1 – Chuen "shoe-in" or Monkey: unity experienced through creating something new in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, with the Sun sextile Uranus makes the day more interesting, from our encounters with others being more illuminating, to enlightened experiences while moving through our normal routine. This stimulates our curiosity and imaginations. Folks are quick witted and conversations are lively, but they also may be less tolerant of any restrictions. Under this influence it's more important to be true to your authentic individual self, than meeting other people's expectations. Also on the 14th the Libra Moon is challenged by Pluto, opposed by Uranus, and supported by the Sun. The day's emotional stimulation changes from having the compulsion to act in ways that may not be good for us in the long run, to later folks are emotionally excitable and impulsive, and finally feeling a sense of inner harmony which is mirrored in the outside world.

The 15th is 2 – Eb "eb" or Road: duality experienced through serving your community, as the Sun squares Chiron illuminating our wounds, psychological and physical, so we can consciously address what needs to be healed. It open our hearts to bring understanding of any difficult truths within us. Also on the 15th the Moon in Libra finds support from Venus brings people to enjoy pleasant feelings and social interactions.

June 16th is 3Ben "ben" or Reed or Corn: taking action through maintaining the home, while the Scorpio Moon is supported by Neptune and in harmony with Jupiter and Pluto which shifts from our innermost subconscious fantasies and daydreams confusing reality, which may not be great for accomplishing much work, followed by feeling in the flow and having a sense of wholeness, and finally having deep emotions finding their way to the surface and felt on a profound level.

The 17th is 4 Ix "eesh" or Jaguar: stability through enjoying nature, with Venus entering Cancer which is romantic and sensitive but also practical. Cancer is about the home and family and Venus is about love, beauty and socializing, so it might be nice to entertain at home between the 17th and July 12th. This may influence us to cook more as well as taking care of those we co-habituate with. Also on the 17th Saturn squares Neptune, which brings uncertainty and confusion blurring the details of everyday life. The best way to cope is to make life as simple as possible. Folks will be questioning all aspects of their lives, their ambitions and goals, and whether they are attainable even whether they are worthy of those pursuits. Neptune has them question whether the universe is against their achieving their ideals. This can be a time of insecurity, pessimism, disappointment, and discouragement. The world we believe is grounded in reality is changing as structures dissolve, rules vanish, and people question what they thought they could depend on, as what once seemed solid is washed away. Neptune can bring disillusion and the desire to disconnect through substances to avoid the Saturnian hardship. The other way this may work out is the dreams, represented by Neptune, could over time with effort, become reality represented by Saturn. The Neptune Saturn squares will blur limits, boundaries, structures, laws, security, responsibilities, oppression, and government. Just remember this is temporary and try not to let negative thinking undermine your hopes and dreams, this will eventually lead to a very constructive period based on the upon the new understanding that comes about through this process. Also on the 17th the Moon in Scorpio merges with Mars which could have people experiencing irritable moods and critical communications.
June 18th is 5 – Men "men" or Eagle: empowerment through seeing from a higher perspective, while the Sagittarius Moon is opposed by Mercury, merges with Saturn, and is challenged by Neptune which moves from some feeling a real conflict between feelings and reason and others having fruitful expressions of their deeper awareness either internally or with another, to later wanting to be alone in our thoughts and feelings, and finally daydreams and fantasies feeling more important than reality.

The 19th is 6 Cib "keeb" or Wisdom: being in the flow through introspection, meditation and forgiveness, with the Moon in Sagittarius being challenged by Jupiter and supported by Uranus which changes from benevolent and generous feelings for those in our immediate environment, to later having a desire for emotional excitement to engage in activities outside our daily routine.

June 20th is 7 Caban "kah-ban" or Earth: reflection through gratitude for Mother Earth, while we have the 2nd Sagittarius Full Moon at 29 degree 22 minutes opposing Venus and the Gemini Sun. Full moons are a time of tension as the Sun in Gemini is about balancing thought, self expression, which can include imposing a point of view on another, with the Moon in Sagittarius, representing a wider perspective of philosophy and mental expression. Of all the oppositions the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is the least challenging to integrate. Gemini brings curiosity to help Sagittarius quest for wisdom and knowledge. We do have Venus in opposition to this lunation which can bring pleasant energy for enjoying sensual experiences and rich food with a caution against overindulgence. Overall this Full Moon is optimistic and sees the big picture, although there will also people who express their beliefs as “truth” under the inflated Sagittarius Moon, they may even be two faced under the Gemini Sun, and with Venus adding to the tension, overindulgence may also be a factor. An open mind will help navigate these individuals, if they are present in your environment. For the native North Americans this is known as the Full Strawberry Moon by the Algonquin, as it is associated with the season for harvesting strawberries. In Europe it’s known as the Rose Moon. Also on the 20th the Sun enters Cancer bringing the Summer Solstice in the north and the Winter Solstice south of the equator. The Sun in Cancer illuminates security and emotional well-being. If you planted intentions during the Equinox, how are they growing? Do you need to weed something out so that what you intended has more room to grow? The charts of the Solstices and Equinox have long been used to forecast the energy for the coming season. The Sun enters Cancer at 6:34 pm EDT less than 12 hours after the full moon, and at the moment Sun begins moving through Cancer, we have the Mercury in Gemini, Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces forming a challenging Mutable Grand Cross. The mutable signs wrap up the seasons they are associated with, so the solstice chart emphasizes the importance of completing what has be begun as we begin a new cycle. Mercury, in its own sign of Gemini, is square to Neptune, in its own sign of Pisces, brings confusion to communications and thinking, but also influence for studying spiritual subjects. We may become aware, after the season, that secrets and controversial information that were withheld, should have been shared because their absence led to confusion and manipulation. Saturn square Neptune can influence the upcoming season by obscuring what once seemed solid and stable, creating doubt and confusion, and hiding limitations. The grand cross is in effect during the entire report period and heralds that the events of the next few months will be better understood after time has elapsed. Also on the 20th Mercury opposes Saturn which brings about serious thoughts concerning our relationship to the world. We will want to consider how we can meet our practical needs. This transit may have us feeling isolated as we are more inclined to look with a critical eye at our personal relationships. This is not the time to act on those thoughts because our thinking gets distorted by this transit. What we consider our troubles may seem significant but over time may diminish as this transit moves on. Our thoughts benefit from positive thinking to overcome the pessimistic energy. This may also have us thinking about separating from a loved one or saying goodbye to a relationship, but wait to act because Mercury opposed by Saturn can really distort our perspective. If you can control negative thinking, you can use this energy to plan changes as you will have a more critical eye for what is not working. This also brings discipline for heavy mental work, but remember to take breaks so your mood doesn't get pulled down in the process. Older people who you respect would be good to talk to if you need to get something of your chest. Also on the 20th Mercury squares Neptune which can confuse communication but also favors creative and spiritual activities. Watch out for exaggeration and boasting, and some will cross over into outright lying. Mercury is also communication, and in aspect to Neptune for a day or so we have potential for confusion about the details of mundane daily events but a wonderful potential to connect with spiritual realms through being in nature, meditating, and engaging in inner work, also favors creativity and imagination. Overall it's best to carefully formulate exactly what you wish to communicate, because if it could be misunderstood, it probably will. Daydreaming is to be expected under this influence. Not a great day for negotiations or signing contracts as these activities will not be clear under the Neptunian fog.

The 21st is 8 – Etznab "etz-nob" or Flint: balance through being introspective, with the Capricorn Moon in harmony with Neptune, supported by Jupiter, and merging with Pluto which shifts from having greater sensitivity to others' emotions with possible psychic impressions for those who are open, to later people having a pleasant sense of well-being, and finally we have more intense moods rising to the surface from deep in our psyches.

June 22nd is 9 – Cauac "cow-ack" or Storm: patience experienced through recognizing the gifts in adversity, while Mercury squares Jupiter, which usually brings feelings of optimism and positive perspective regarding life. People are inclined to set long range plans and goals for the future, from a place of seeing the big picture. This is also favorable for business deals and commercial transactions. If you are unaware of this transit you could overlook details that are important to the creation of your overall grand vision. Also be careful about communicating to others in a way that may be seen as arrogant or self righteous in tone. Awareness is key to working with this energy. Don't let this much optimism lead to sloppiness and overlooking important details. Also on the 22nd the Moon in Capricorn is stimulated by Mars and challenged by Uranus which moves from having the desire to work independently from others, to later folks are acting hasty and jumping to conclusions that may not be correct.

The 23rd is 10 – Ahau "ah-how" or Sun: manifestation through honoring the wisdom and memory of our ancestors, while the Aquarius Moon harmonizes with Saturn which brings realistic expectations through being calm and reflective.

June 24th is 11 – Imix "e-meesh" or Crocodile: resolution through nurturing new beginnings, with the Moon in Aquarius finds support from Mercury, is challenged by Mars, and stimulated by Uranus which changes from feeling in touch with our emotions and expressing them to others, to later people feeling irritable which could lead to needless disputes, and finally pleasant yet restless feelings craving emotional excitement to do something outside the daily routine. 

The 25th is 12 – Ik "eek" or Wind: understanding through communication, while the Pisces Moon is supported by the Sun and Venus, challenged by Saturn and merges with Neptune, which shifts from having a sense of harmony within ourselves and supports any type of group activity and relationships with the opposite sex, to later enjoying social interactions with others, followed by people feeling lonely or isolated, and finally  feelings of empathy for those around us, including the possibility of clairvoyance and telepathic experiences for those of us who are sensitive by nature.

June 26th is 13 – Akbal "awk-bol" or Night: movement to the next stage through contemplating the stars, while Chiron turns retrograde has us reviewing our wounds so that they can be released, by having the courage to open our hearts to any fear or pain associated with our past. If you find yourself recalling painful events or situations between now and when Chiron turns direct November 30th, it is advisable remain conscious while dealing with these uncomfortable feelings as they will reveal the path to healing and letting go of what no longer serves a purpose in our upcoming journey. Also on the 26th Jupiter trines Pluto which can bring very positive changes to your personal and social relationships. This is a time when it’s easier to exert power so it’s important to know why and for whose benefit you are making changes. This can bring opportunities to take control of some aspect of your life, but the changes should be motivated by something beyond your own personal ambitions. This transit will benefit you most when you can join the interests of others with your own. It also helps to revise and reform aspects of your life to bring about some type of regeneration and renewal. Also on the 26th Mercury sextiles Uranus, which brings new discoveries and new people into our lives with an overall sense of excitement and innovation as Mercury interacts with its higher octave planet Uranus. Flexibility is helpful to experience this transit with its excitement and interest, if you find this disruptive you may want to examine your attitude regarding deviating from the preordained plan of the day. This is good for looking at old problems, that have troubled you in the past, with fresh eyes. Challenges may be approached as new puzzles to solve as thinking becomes more inspired. Not a day where you will be content to follow your usual routine, so leave some room for spontaneity with new ideas and experiences being the reward of going with the flow. Also on the 26th the Moon in Pisces is opposed by Jupiter, harmonizes with Pluto, supported by Mars, and challenged by Mercury which movers from having feelings of generosity, to later experiencing deep emotions on a profound level, followed by feeling a little more confident than usual with the ability to assert ourselves in a positive manner, and finally folks being critical in their communications particularly with the people they have intimate relationships with.

    So no matter what energies are affecting you during this 1 Monkey trecena, take some time to be in the flow of the planet by being in nature, watching a sunrise or sunset, communing with the stars, being conscious of the moment through introspection, meditation or being with someone you love. Every day is a blessing no matter what dramas beckon to distract us. We are all giving the performance of a life time on this world stage, just take some time to observe the play as well as act your part. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

    Thank you for checking out New World Birth. The next segment of "Care and feeding of a New World Age" will be on June 27th for 1 – Kan "con" or Seed or Lizard, with Mercury entering Cancer, Mars turning direct, and the Cancer New Moon. You can check us out on Facebook, YouTube and the Mayan Majix website. I encourage you to share this information as videos or text as widely as you choose. As always I invite you to contact me at newworldbirth@yahoo.com if you have any questions or wish to schedule a reading. I am providing readings and wish to make this service available to the greatest amount of folks, so I’ve created three options with three levels of compensation. If you've been thinking about getting a reading, please contact me, as I would like to provide you a reading during these uncertain times. You will need to be able to either call me in Maine in the U.S.A. or connect with Skype to receive your reading. We are also accepting donations to keep these reports freely available. As always I am blessed that you've taken the time to connect with my passion for these ancient mysteries and their application to our journey during this incarnation. The light in me honors the light in you… Namaste – In Lak’ech - <3

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