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Astrology and Mayan Tzolkin for July 13th to July 25th 2014

This is the "Care and feeding of a New World Age" report for Gregorian date of July 13th 2014 for 1 - Muluc "moo-luke" or Offering in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, with Mercury moving into Cancer, Jupiter entering Leo, Venus also moving into Cancer, Saturn turning direct, Uranus turning retrograde, the Sun entering Leo, and Mars moving into Scorpio.
     July 13th 2014 for 1 - Muluc "moo-luke" or Offering carries the themes of water, rain collected in water pots, vessels of gratitude for life, clouds heavy with rain, the sacred jade stones used in rituals and burials, offerings made in ceremony, baptisms and purification, deep undercurrents of emotions, restoring equilibrium, appreciation for creation, releasing negative patterns, energy, and emotions and accepting change. The day glyph for Offering depicts a fish who represents the Mayan water deity. I love the connection between the fish of Offering and all the Water energy of the Sun and Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces of this report period, along with Mercury and Venus moving into Cancer and Mars moving into Scorpio. The energy of this thirteen day period is about gratitude for life and cleansing the past for transformation in the present.

     Before I get into the daily energy for 1 - Muluc "moo-luke" or Offering, on the 13th all the planets appear to be moving forward from our vantage point on Earth except Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto which appear to move retrograde or in reverse motion. Saturn turned retrograde on March 2nd and turns direct on July 20th. Themes of Saturn in Scorpio are loss, depression, failure, fear, the shadow, betrayal. Saturn retrograde is a task master that demands we take responsibility to review the scorpionic themes such as motives, ethics, and intensions. If we have not been clear on these subjects we are likely to feel our burden is heavier than the load we had previously agreed to carry. Chiron retrograde in Pisces is about releasing stuck emotional energy, so that we can return to the natural flow of life. Neptune turned retrograde on June 9th. Neptune in its own sign of Pisces is seeking transcendence through spiritual experiences. This will be a time to use spiritual practices to keep us grounded as we expand our intuition and consciousness. This will be important energy to nurture as we are in the middle of four years of the challenging Uranus Pluto squares that have been affecting us as a collective and as individuals. Pluto represents death, completion, and in Capricorn, the breakdown of structures, to bring about transformation. Pluto in Capricorn is determined in exposing the darkness, destroying the old order, so that we can rise up like the Phoenix from the ashes to soar again. Capricorn is about large structures which includes banks, governments, corporations, and religions. This is a time of a cosmic course correction for the entire planet.

    This trecena Uranus in Aries is slowing to a stop as it prepares to turn retrograde at 16 degrees 30 minutes of Aries on July 21st. When a planet is stopped it is said to be at the peak of its power, so Uranus at the peak of its power during July, is seeking to shake our very foundation through the unexpected rebellion of the individual. Obviously this will be a difficult time of upheaval, destruction, death, unexpected change, natural disasters, violence and war. Stationed Uranus in Aries will have people wanting to hurry the process of getting free. To push the river of revolution whether it be personal or governmental. This impulse may not be in the best interest of those acting on it, because with Pluto in Capricorn these changes and their consequences may be long lasting and very difficult to reverse. I think that this is the time of detaching (Uranus) to act as an unobstructed individual (Aries). When I think of the day Uranus changed signs moving from Pisces into Aries on March 11 2011, I always remember that was the day of the Japanese earth quake and tsunami which crippled the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants, which are  still unstable and spewing radiation to this day. And of course Uranus rules Uranium... Uranus in astrology forces us outside our comfort zone so we have to look for possibilities "outside the box." This is about unplanned experiences that disrupt our perceived and planned life path in order to move us forward in our spiritual evolution, individually and globally.
    Uranus spends approximately seven years in a sign and leaves Aries for Taurus in 2018 then retrogrades back to Aries and finally departs for almost 80 years, March of 2019. These seven year cycles are about testing us to adapt to a new change, and we are currently experiencing the Aries test. Being an outer planet, Uranus creates events that we "respond" to. The inner planets effect us personally as individuals, but the outer planets change the landscape which effects us as a collective and as individuals within humanity. Which reminds me of this Krishnamurti quote "The only hope for humankind is in the transformation of the individual." Uranus creates challenges according to the sign it's in, so we may feel like we keep getting lessons in a theme over and over again. Uranus being the modern ruling planet of Aquarius, means that fairness is one of the topics, and often these events may seem unfairly set against us. I know I feel this with government and corporations conspiring to poison us with GMO food and starve us through austerity measures, oil and tar sand spills, fracking, chemtrails, geo-engineering, and manmade massive weather events, while the global elite eat organic food, build underground bunkers, and hoard seeds in arctic vaults. Which brings us to the theme of Aries: the self, the individual, the new beginning... This time particularly impacts people with personal planets in the signs of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and of course Aries, as these planets become doorways to something unexpected and yet authentic. Which sets the stage for the epic seven challenging squares with Pluto in Capricorn that we've been discussing since 2012. As the individuals (Aries) revolting (Uranus) against the decaying power (Pluto) structures (Capricorn), which we can see this in almost every corner of the Earth as the individuals and groups protest oppression from the global elite. I believe the uprisings will be successful in overthrowing the old regimes and patriarchy, but it's an uphill fight for some time to come. Interestingly, the last time there were Uranus Pluto squares, was 1932 to 1934, Uranus was in Aries as it is now, and as we have talked about before (last month) the Mercury retrograde cycles repeat every 79 years, so we are currently repeating the 1935 Mercury cycle which brings forward similar aspects that we see being played out in the event field. That was a time of great upheaval with events such as the Dust Bowl, which was caused by farming practices that stripped the soil, which when the weather changed destroyed the landscape. Also that was the time of the Great Depression with international power struggles, leadership changes, and financial adjustments, such as the New Deal programs, under F.D.R. in the U.S. from 1933 to 1936, as a safety net for the poor and unemployed, which are the same programs that the U.S government is currently trying to dismantle. And we see these themes being played out in many other countries at that time as well.
     In thinking of the many environmental events we are facing whether manmade or natural, I was reminded that Uranus was one of the original gods to the Greeks. He was the sky god and the husband of the earth goddess Gaia. He was born out of the primordial chaos, and came every night to cover the earth and mate with Gaia. Unfortunately he hated the children she bore him and killed or imprisoned most of them, until his son Cronus or Saturn ambushed his father, castrated him, and cast the severed testicles into the sea, which then became Aphrodite or Venus the goddess of love. After being disposed the sky no longer covered the earth at night and instead held its place above the earth. Which I guess was the beginning of being able to study the movements of the planets and stars in the night sky.

    Of course Uranus in Aries has been playing out these really difficult squares with Pluto in Capricorn over the last few years, including April's cardinal grand cross with Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer. And although Jupiter and as the month moves on Mars move out of orb, we have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus moving through Cancer and activating a t-square by opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus during July. Given that these heavenly bodies transiting Cancer are moving quickly they do trigger some challenging days throughout the month. This is not as tense as it was a few months ago, but it still feels like an uncomfortable amount of tension.

     Ok let's look at the daily vibrational energy for this trecena. July 13th 2014 for 1 - Muluc "moo-luke" or Offering: unity experienced through appreciating creation in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, while Mercury returns to Cancer after being in the sign for 19 days in late May and early June as part of the retrograde cycle. While in the sign of the Crab, people will be communicating and thinking more about home and family from the perspective of security. Also on the 13th Venus trine Mars can have a variety of effects, most of which are favorable. This brings the energy to be assertive without offending others as folks appreciate directness. This brings a nice balance between your need to be an individual with personal wants and needs, and your need to relate with others. Whenever there is contact between Venus and Mars there is the likelihood of an aroused sex drive. People are more likely to be charming and agreeable. It brings the concern that a partner is enjoying the relationship as well, which fulfills an important requirement of a successful sexual connection. A relationship begun at this time has a good chance of lasting, but even if it is a short term liaison, they are usually satisfying and without bitterness at the time of parting. Mars conjuncts the North Node of the Moon on July 13th which activates events that have been influx over the last 8 months. These events are Libra themed bringing balance, and harmony through partnership. During the past 8 months we've had situations and events shifting back and forth, but as Mars merges with the North Node we become clearer about our direction to take action and have deeper level of connection with others. Also on the 13th the Aquarius Moon makes no angles which is good to use for resting to assimilate this latest round of energy and experiences. The 14th is 2 - Oc "awk" or Dog: duality experienced through enjoying family and friends, while the Moon in Aquarius is stimulated by Uranus, challenged by Saturn, and finds support from Mars and Venus, with the day shifting from pleasant yet restless energy that desires emotional excitement, then people feeling lonely or isolated, to later feeling a little more confident than usual with the ability to assert ourselves in a positive manner, and finally enjoying pleasant feelings and social interactions. July 15th is 3 - Chuen "shoe-in" or Monkey: taking action through creating something new, while the Pisces Moon finds support from Mercury, merges with Neptune, and harmonizes with Pluto which moves from feeling in touch with our emotions and expressing them to others, to later feelings of empathy for those around us, including the possibility of clairvoyance and telepathic experiences for those of us who are sensitive by nature, and finally having deep emotions finding their way to the surface and felt on a profound level. The 16th is 4 - Eb "eb" or Road: stability through serving your community, while Jupiter enters Leo after spending a year in Cancer, which brings expansion to the arts and creativity, as well as opportunities for leadership. I'd expect dramas and ambitions to get a shot in the arm when the King of the Gods enters the King of the Jungles' sign. Grandeur, extravagant displays, boasting, personal charm, entertainment, success, and creative opportunities are all themes of Jupiter in Leo. Also on the 16th the Moon in Pisces finds support from Saturn and the Sun, and is challenged by Venus which shifts from having a sober realistic view of life, to feeling a sense of inner harmony which is mirrored in the outside world, and finally having pleasant energy to be with friends and loved ones. July 17th is 5 - Ben "ben" or Reed or Corn: empowerment through maintaining the home, while the Aries Moon finds support from Jupiter, and is challenged by Mercury and Pluto which moves from people having a pleasant sense of wellbeing, then folks being critical in their communications particularly with the people they have intimate relationships with, and finally having the compulsion to act in ways that may not be good for us in the long run. The 18th is 6 - Ix "eesh" or Jaguar: being in the flow through enjoying nature, while Venus enters Cancer which is romantic and sensitive but also practical. Cancer is about the home and family and Venus is about love, beauty and socializing, so it might be nice to entertain at home between the 18th and August 12th. Also on the 18th the Last Quarter Moon in Aries merges with Uranus, is challenged by the Sun, and is opposed by Mars which shifts from people feeling impulsive and acting rashly, with moods changing quickly and unexpectedly, to later we encounter challenges to our daily routines, and finally opposed by Mars which influences people to be more excitable and irritable which can cause problems in our personal lives. July 19th is 7 - Men "men" or Eagle: reflection through seeing from a higher perspective, with Mercury trine Neptune in the water signs of Cancer, and Pisces. Mercury finding support from Neptune is very imaginative and creative, also more sensitive to the world around us. This favors art, music, poetry, romantic literature, and daydreams. We'll probably hear more people talking about their fantasies and hopes for the future, as people are less interested in discussing practical matters. A great day for studying mystical and spiritual subjects, as we can transcend rational thought and just know through our intuition. Also on the 19th the Sun squares Mars which is a day when we are more conscious of ourselves and our motivations. This could be a day where we observe serious ego conflicts between people. Folks will be looking for vulnerabilities in others, flaws in arguments, any errors which can be challenged, or any other chink in the armor of the other. This is a high energy transit, perhaps too high if we're not careful. So watch for signs of people becoming irritable or impatient, especially when things don't go exactly as planned. Probably it's best to avoid being assertive unless it's absolutely called for. This is also a time where people are projecting their irritability and aggression on others without realizing that it's originating within themselves. A day to be particularly careful of conflict with authority, even if their claims are legitimate, we are likely to encounter a hostile reaction during this transit. It would be good to vent this energy into some type of physical activity that will give your aggressions a satisfactory outlet. Without an outward expression this type of energy can lead to illness or accidents, or if projected will attract angry and difficult people. Also on the 19th the Taurus Moon is challenged by Jupiter and in harmony with Venus, Neptune, and Mercury which brings emotional energy that begins with benevolent and generous feelings for those in our immediate environment, then having pleasant energy to be with friends and loved ones, to later being very sensitive to the moods of others, and finally being very social and having lots of conversations. The 20th is 8 - Cib "keeb" or Wisdom: balance through introspection, meditation and forgiveness, with Saturn turning direct which will take a while to pick up speed but this begins a time period where we can implement a course correction regarding an obstacle that has been in our path over the last few months. Saturn forward movement can show us a new path and make us aware that we have a responsibility to work on making something better through being conscious of our ethics, motives, and intensions. Saturn's stationing at 16 degrees has been intense for folks with planets in the mid-degrees of the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Even though the pressure will dissipate slowly, it will be an improvement to get some relief.  Also on the 20th the Moon in Taurus finds support from Pluto and is opposed by Saturn which moves from bringing out intense emotions and stimulating sensitivity, which also favors sexual relationships to later feeling lonely and isolated. July 21st is 9 - Caban "kah-ban" or Earth: patience experienced through gratitude for Mother Earth, while Uranus turns retrograde which will inspire people to break out of anything that confines them. The "Wind of Change" changing direction will move the revolutionary energy to a more personal place until mid-December. Also on the 21st the Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Jupiter which moves from feelings of inner and outer equanimity to feeling in the flow and having a sense of wholeness. The 22nd is 10 - Etznab "etz-nob" or Flint: manifestation through being introspective, with the Sun moving into Leo, which is its place of rulership, for the next month's time we can expect more drama and creative energy. People may seem more witty, vivacious, chatty, so expect life to turn a little more entertaining when the sun shines on the King of the Jungle. Also on the 22nd Mercury opposed by Pluto which is activating the Uranus Pluto square over the next few days. With Pluto, Mercury wants to get to the bottom of any problems in relationships or with people we encounter. Expect intellectual conflicts where folks try to convince each other of their personal "truth". These conflicts can become subversive in their attempts to persuade and may result in a smoldering conflict, which plays out behind the scenes. Power plays are a strong possibility under this influence. Propaganda and indoctrination are themes we will likely see escalate for a day or so. The best use of this transit is to investigate hidden and secret subjects, whether they are coming from our environment or aspects of ourselves. Research and puzzle solving benefit from this energetic, just be careful of becoming obsessed with one possibility to the detriment of everything else. Also on the 22nd the Gemini Moon is challenged by Neptune, and stimulated by Uranus which starts as daydreams and fantasies feeling more important than reality, then shifts to pleasant yet restless energy that desires emotional excitement. July 23rd is 11 - Cauac "cow-ack" or Storm: resolution through recognizing the gifts in adversity, while the Moon in Gemini finds support from Mars which brings the energy for asserting ourselves in a positive manner and standing our ground if necessary. The 24th is 12 - Ahau "ah-how" or Sun: understanding through honoring the wisdom and memory of our ancestors, with Venus trines Neptune. Venus finding support from her higher octave planet Neptune is pleasant, romantic, creative, but not necessarily good for getting things done. This is a supportive relationship between the planet of romantic love and her higher octave the planet of unconditional love. This might be a time when we experience universal love through our personal relationships. I think this will be excellent energy for practices and studies that raise consciousness like yoga, mysticism, spiritualism, and occult metaphysics as a way to ground other worldly energy in the here and now. This is also very creative and imaginative energy, that seeks and appreciates beauty. Exposure to art, music, or poetry could help renew our consciousness during the pleasant dreamy fog of this transit. This is a good day to indulge in daydreams and fantasies. Also on the 24th the Sun conjuncts Jupiter which is very good energy both physically and psychologically. It's very optimistic and expansive. People will be more open minded, so it might be a good day to study and understand subjects that normally seem beyond our understanding. The only caution I see for this transit is to avoid being arrogant, domineering or excessive, as those are the negative aspects of the day. Mostly this is very positive and promotes future growth. Mercury squares Uranus and trines Saturn also on the 24th. Mercury square Uranus which brings tension between our lower and higher minds. If we can remain flexible this can bring a fascination with new information and experiences, but without flexibility this could be nerve wracking as surprises and upsets become bothersome when the day does not go as planned. This could bring some folks epiphanies or other lightening fast new information, that if nor paid attention to, may be gone just as quick. A tape recorder may be a good way to capture these thoughts for review on another day. Use this time for brainstorming and leave analysis and adding detail for later as concentration is difficult under this influence. Also not a great day to make important decisions because of the impulsive and hasty nature of this energetic. This does gain some balance from Mercury trine Saturn in the water signs of Cancer, and Scorpio. Saturn supporting Mercury which may bring our thoughts to more serious concerns. This brings concentration and attention to details. This is careful energy to be methodical and painstaking. This is good for organizing your environment or your life from a conservative and practical perspective. Counsel from an elder is favored under this influence or you may just want to be alone in your thoughts. This represents the opposite energy of the Mercury Uranus transit so the 24th could be quite unpredictable. Also on the 24th the Cancer Moon finds support from Neptune, merges with Venus, and is opposed by Pluto which shifts from fantasies and daydreams distracting us from accomplishing routine tasks, to feeling cheerful, warm, gregarious, and wanting to go out and socialize, and finally brings deep emotions rising to the surface when the moon is opposed by Pluto. July 25th is 13 - Imix "e-meesh" or Crocodile: movement to the next stage through nurturing new beginnings, while Mars enters Scorpio... finally after 8 months in the sign of its detriment: Libra, Mars has found its way to the sign of its traditional rulership. Mars in Scorpio brings persistence and intensity, but also emotional sexuality. Scorpio Mars is hard driving, resourceful, determined, relentless, purpose directed, but can also be displayed as jealousy, anger, resentments, and hurt feelings. Mars will connect with Saturn in August which intensifies the requirements to align our actions with our responsibilities, and ethics. Mars will be in Scorpio until September 13th. Also on the 25th the Moon in Cancer is challenged by Uranus, finds support from Saturn, and merges with Mercury which shifts from people acting hasty and jumping to conclusions, to later settling into a more sober and realistic view of life, then finally having positive energy for integrating our thoughts and moods.
    So no matter what energies are affecting you during this 1 Offering trecena, take some time to be in the flow of the planet by being in nature, watching a sunrise or sunset, communing with the stars, being conscious of the moment through introspection, meditation or being with someone you love. Every day is a blessing no matter what dramas beckon to distract us. We are all giving the performance of a life time on this world stage, just take some time to observe the play as well as act your part. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.
    Thank you for checking out New World Birth. The next segment of "Care and feeding of a New World Age" will be on July 26th 2014 for 1 - Ik "eek" or Wind, with the Leo New Moon, and Mercury moving into Leo. You can check us out on Facebook, YouTube and the Mayan Majix website. I encourage you to share this information as videos or text as widely as you choose. I'll be discussing the metaphysics of August 2014, and providing short Human Design readings to the participants of the "Earth needs Rebels" show on Truth Frequency Radio on Friday August 1st. As always I invite you to contact me at if you have any questions or wish to schedule a reading. I am providing readings and wish to make this service available to the greatest amount of folks, so I’ve created three options with three levels of compensation. These readings are designed to provide information to help you navigate these difficult times. At the basic level we will look at your human design chart to help you understand how to use your individual strategy and authority in making life decisions based on your unique design. I include the next three months of astrological transits as they relate to your natal and progressed astrology charts, along with the human design reading at the middle level. At the top level the human design and astrological transit reading will be recorded and sent to you as an MP3 file to be downloaded to your computer. So if you've been thinking about getting a reading, please contact me, as I would like to provide you a reading during these uncertain times. You will need to be able to either call me in Maine in the U.S.A. or connect with Skype to receive your reading. We are also accepting donations to keep these reports freely available. As always I am blessed that you've taken the time to connect with my passion for these ancient mysteries and their application to our journey during this incarnation. The light in me honors the light in you… Namaste – In Lak’ech - <3

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