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Human Design Weekly Neutrino Forecast for June 29th to July 5th 2014

This is the "Weekly Neutrino Forecast for June 29th to July 5th".
    Human Design is a synthesis of four ancient wisdom systems as a bridge to understanding our potential, to discover our path to making decisions that are correct for us as individuals: those are the traditions of Astrology, the I'Ching, the Hindu Brahmin Chakra system, and Kabalistic Tree of Life. Let's look at how these systems work together in HD. We start by looking at the position of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Nodes as we would in astrology, except instead of relating them to the Zodialogical constellations and each other by the angles they make, we look at them in relation to the hexagrams of the I'Ching, which are then mapped to specific locations in the body graph. On June 29th we have the Sun in Cancer and also in the 52nd hexagram. The shapes inside the body graph are called centers and represent the next stage in our evolution as humans from having seven chakras to having nine centers. The pathways between the centers are called channels and are from the Kabala. The black strips of paper in this diagram represent the gates activated by the Sun, Planets, and Nodes regardless if they form a channel. I'm not going to follow the moon with this demonstration, because it moves so fast that it activates three to four gates a day, which would turn this into a presentation that would last several hours. As a 5-1 profile, I just don't feel this would be practical.
     The Sun in the 52nd hexagram is mapped to an opening in an energy channel called a gate, which is the 52nd gate of "Inaction (Keeping Still (Mountain)); Temporary and self-imposed inaction for the benefit of assessment," located on the Root center in a collective logic energy path in the Understanding Circuit, called "The Channel of Concentration: a design of Determination" that connects to the 9th Gate of "Focus (The Taming Power of the Small)". I have found HD to be so amazingly accurate in describing the person, that I use it as my primary tool when I provide readings. We have the following activated gates on June 29th; the Sun in the 52nd gate, the Earth in the 58th gate, North node in the 32nd gate and the South Node in the 42, Mercury retrograde in the 12th gate, Venus in the 16, Mars in the 57, Jupiter in the 62, Saturn retrograde in the 1st, Uranus in the 51, Neptune retrograde in the 37, and Pluto retrograde in the 38. Obviously not every gate activation forms a channel, but this information can be very helpful if you know your own Human Design chart, because some of these transits will form channels with potentials in your personal body graph. You can get your HD chart by going to, clicking on the button that says "Get your free Rave Chart", and entering your birth information.
The neutrino forecast is just a weather report, no matter what the weather an individual's strategy and authority is the correct choice to have an authentic experience regardless of the program. As Ra Uru Hu said "Whatever the weather is going to be, you have your neutrino umbrella. As long as you are experimenting with your strategy and authority, the weather is for your pleasure."
We begin the week with no channel definitions due to the transit field.
We are going to look at the Sun's Rave I'Ching line values daily because 70% of the neutrinos we receive come through the Sun and as Ra said in Design Perspectives number 056 in his presentation titled "Living with the Program with Ra Uru Hu: The Lines of the Day" when talking about these daily shifts of line values, he said "We can always take advantage of the themes of the day." If your strategy and authority does not lead you in that direction, you can always notice how the program is affecting others in your environment. So let's get started.
June 29th begins with the Sun in the 52nd gate of "Inaction (Keeping Still (Mountain)); Temporary and self-imposed inaction for the benefit of assessment." The Sun in the 52.4 of "Self-discipline: exalted: Perfected self-discipline and restraint that deals easily and wisely with impulsive temptations. The energy for restraint which recognizes the value of stillness and focus. detrimented: Though responsive to the need of a principled control based on understanding of conditions, there is a tendency due to its natural expansiveness, to doubt and restlessness. Restless energy and doubt in the face of restraint." Fourth line days change from inward perspective to looking outward. Themes of friendship, of companionship, of networking. Fourth line days are great for social interaction. People are more open to networking, to being friendly and social. Later on the 29th the Sun moves into the 5th line of the 52nd hexagram at 6:38 am EDT and is described as "Explanation: In times of inaction, the often important ability, to explain one's position. exalted: The often terse but exceedingly accurate statement. Where inaction and focus can lead to detail. detrimented: A convolution whose enigmatic nature is normally misunderstood with unpredictable circumstances. Where too much inaction can lead to a loss of focus, and not to detail." Fifth line day is heretical, a day of suspicion, also a day of universalization. Something can leak out and spread very rapidly like a virus. YouTube video where suddenly there's millions of viewings or a facebook post that goes viral. But there is a great deal of suspicion and paranoia on a 5th line day, which impacts the nature of relationships. Projection or seduction are themes of a fifth line day. Also on the 29th Jupiter moves from the 62 into the 56th hexagram. in HD Jupiter is generalized law. The electromagnetic central operating theater for the way in which the solar system operates. Living by the law can gain great good fortune. Activations in our HD chart tell the law we must live by. To benefit from the generosity only comes from deep obedience to honoring your own law. Your individual strategy and authority. Jupiter in the 56th gate of "Stimulation (The Wanderer)"; Jupiter enters in the 1st line of the 56 which is "Quality: exalted: The practical sense that even short term activities should be of value. Expression of practical ideas that have value. detrimented: The ego drive to make an impression that will misuse energy in trivial pursuits. The drive to stimulate that will express any idea, no matter how trivial."
On the 30th the Sun moves into the 6th line of the 52 at 6:13 am EDT. The Sun in the 52.6 is "Peacefulness: exalted: A harmonic and balanced attunement that is at ease regardless of the situation. The lack of pressure in times of stillness. detrimented: Delusion as a substitute for genuine tranquility. Given the positive nature of this position, the delusion may be just as effective as the 'real thing'. Where the pacification of the energy is extreme, pressure real or imagined does not disturb the stillness." Sixth line day "not to get stuck with your head in the clouds because you'll end up having something bang into your kneecaps." A day where there is a real lack of focus of what's going on around you, because folks are looking beyond their immediate environment. Like a 3rd line day there are certain dangers. Not seeing the car coming. Not seeing the bill coming.
On July 1st the Sun moves from the 52 to the 39 and the Earth moves from the 58 to the 38th Gate of "the Fighter (Opposition)". This shift happens at 5:48 am EDT with the Sun in the 39th gate of "The Provocateur (Obstruction); The value of obstruction in provoking analysis, assessment and reevaluation." The Sun in the 39.1 of "Disengagement: exalted: The determination when confronted by obstacles to withdraw but only temporarily. The energy to provoke by refusing to confront obstacles. detrimented: Disengagement, with an accompanying indecision as to when to reengage. The refusal to confront obstacles without the capacity to know when to engage. The indecision is also provocation." The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line days people look inward and are absorbed with their own process. The theme of a first line day is fear. Fear that needs to be investigated. A day to study, not to act. Day to look into things, not jump. Good day to deal with things you don't understand, can't make sense of or don't know.
On the 2nd the Sun moves into the 2nd line of the 39th hexagram. This shift happens at 5:24 am EDT. The Sun in the 39.2 is described as "Confrontation: exalted: The instinctual and direct assault of obstacles. The energy to provoke through direct assault. detrimented: The principal of preservation that tempts one to go around an obstacle that should be tackled head on. An emotional discomfort when direct assault is essential." Second line day everyone is waiting for something. Waiting for the call. People are stuck in their own trip. Not a great day to have a party because no one will want to come. Also on the 2nd Venus moves from the 16 into the 35th hexagram. In HD, Venus is very powerful and deeply misunderstood according to Ra. It brings morality, natural law in which we deal with the other and the consequences of the world around us. What disturbs you at a moral level? Your design and personality Venuses tell you the moral dilemma you're going to work with in your life. If you do not act with moral clarity, Venus can be unkind in its retribution. In the 35th hexagram, Venus is exalted in the 1st and 2nd lines and the 35th gate is "Change (Progress);
By design, progress cannot exist in a vacuum and is dependent on interaction." Venus in the 35.1 is "Humility: The ability to accept rejection. exalted: The artist that accepts rejection as part of the process. Acceptance of change and rejection as part of the process."
On the 3rd the Sun moves into the 3rd line of the 39th hexagram at 4:59 am EDT which is "Responsibility: The avoidance of confronting obstacles if failure puts others at risk. exalted: The great benefic whose first consideration is for the larger framework. The energy to provoke through self-sacrifice. detrimented: The often disastrous assumption that others are more at risk if an obstacle is not confronted. The energy to provoke through the failure to make sacrifices." Third line days, be careful on the roads. Be careful of those swinging doors or swinging elbows. This is a day where we might have bonds made or broken. 3rd line day is about trial and error and things bump into you. It's a good material day. A good day to do business and work on the material plane, but you also have to be careful because things can go wrong. Things that lead to discovery.

On the 4th the Sun moves into the 4th line of the 39th hexagram at 4:35 am EDT where it is detrimented and described as "Temperance: Careful evaluation and assessment before taking action. detrimented: The faulty belief that willpower alone can overcome any obstacle regardless of circumstances. The energy to provoke that ignores circumstances." Fourth line days change from inward perspective to looking outward. Themes of friendship, of companionship, of networking. Fourth line days are great for social interaction. People are more open to networking, to being friendly and social.

On the 5th the Sun moves into the 5th line of the 39th hexagram at 4:11 am EDT. The Sun in the 39.5 is described as "Single-mindedness: The rare ability not to overcome but to bypass obstacles. exalted: The imagination to establish new patterns that make obstacles irrelevant. The imaginative energy to provoke through bypassing obstacles. detrimented: Simple hardheadedness. Though less exalted, it can often result in success and gather support by its very determination. The energy to provoke through hardheadedness." Fifth line day is heretical, a day of suspicion, also a day of universalization. Something can leak out and spread very rapidly like a virus. YouTube video where suddenly there's millions of viewings or a facebook post that goes viral. But there is a great deal of suspicion and paranoia on a 5th line day, which impacts the nature of relationships. Projection or seduction are themes of a fifth line day.

    This week the Sun continues to move through hexagrams 15, 52, 39, and 53 which are the gates associated with the "Parvati" god's head, and was covered in the last video. I thought I'd go into a little more depth about last week's Nodes of the Moon changing gates since they will be there until August 21st. Ra talked about the nodes being openings for neutrino energy from outside our solar system and to be representative of our environment. The nodes are almost always retrograde so this shift represents moving from the first line of one hexagram into the sixth line of the previous hexagram. The North Node in the 32 is activating the energy of "Continuity (Duration); The only thing that endures is change", and in the 42, the South Node is about "Growth (Increase); The expansion of the resources which maximizes the development of full potential". Ra said "in dealing with the 42-32 Nodes, we've been dealing in times where there is a tremendous amount of inconsistency and lack of continuity in the general frequency." He spoke that even with guidance we can't avoid the impact. It's in the air because most human beings are not self. There's tendency, even for people involved in Human Design, to forget that they are vulnerable to the program at every single level. Everyone's open centers still take in the general imprint. Of course, the only way to not get caught in this is to follow your strategy and authority. The theme of the 42-32 as Nodes is about "the potential to avoid failure and to find successful growth. But it also means as a binary that you can find failure and no growth." This pressure comes around every 9.3 years because the nodal cycle is 18.6 years. This is a time when you're going to find the resources or not, to find the continuity to enter into growth as an experience, because this is something we have to work with over the next 9 years because the South Node is in the 42 and the 42 does not give up, so what's entered into during this time period is going to be there for the next 9 years. From now until August it's very important to enter into things correctly.  

    So no matter what energies are conditioning you during the week, remember this experience is about being a passenger riding in a vehicle driven by the magnetic monopole. So enjoy the scenery, and let the vehicle take you where you need to go, through using your strategy and authority. Every day is a blessing no matter what dramas beckon to distract us. We are all giving the performance of a life time on this world stage, just take some time to observe the play as well as act your part. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.
    Thank you for checking out New World Birth. The next segment of the "Weekly Neutrino Forecast" will be for July 6th 2014 and be available on the 5th, when we will continue to look at the influence of the heavenly bodies as they transit the sky and the hexagrams of the I'Ching. You can check us out on Facebook, Blogger or YouTube. I encourage you to share this information as videos or text as widely as you choose. I'll also be discussing the transits of August 2014 and providing short Human Design readings to the participants of the "Earth needs Rebels" show on Truth Frequency Radio on Friday August 1st.  I invite you to contact me at if you have any questions or wish to schedule a reading. So if you've been thinking about getting a reading, please contact me, as I would like to provide you a reading during these uncertain times. You will need to be able to either call me in Maine in the U.S.A. or connect with Skype to receive your reading. We are also accepting donations to keep these reports freely available. As always I am blessed that you've taken the time to connect with my passion for these ancient mysteries and their application to our journey during this incarnation. The light in me honors the light in you… Namaste – In Lak’ech - and as Ra would say "love yourself".

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