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July 1st to July 13th 2013

This is the "Care and feeding of a New World Age" report for Gregorian date of July 1st 2013 and 1 – Eb "eb" or Road in the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, also Saturn turning direct, the Cancer New Moon, and Mars moving into Cancer.

    July 1st 2013 is 1 – Eb "eb" which carries the themes of destiny, guidance, travel, vessel of time, dew from heaven, abundance, organization, caretaking, empathy, growth, service to others, the ladder that connects heaven and earth, the life-force also known as Prana in the Vedic tradition and Chi in the Chinese culture, harvest, and humility. Ian Lungold described Road as "sometimes referred to as the sign of Grass, which is the most bountiful of all life forms but is also the most humble." The road of life leads us to our true destiny on the spiritual path we all must travel. This thirteen day period would be a good time to humbly offer to serve others.

     I've included the Human Design transits for the trecena, along with the astrology and Tzolkin day signs. I'll quickly review some of that information before discussing the Neutrino Forecast for the current 1 - Road 13 day period. We start by looking at the position of the Sun, Earth, Moon, Planets, and Nodes as we would in astrology, except instead of relating them to the Zodialogical constellations and each other, we look at them in relation to the hexagrams of the I'Ching, which are then mapped to specific locations in the body graph. For instance at the beginning of this trecena we have the Sun in Cancer but also in the 52nd hexagram. The shapes inside the body graph are called centers and represent the next stage in our evolution as humans from having seven chakras to having nine centers. The pathways between the centers are called channels and are from the Kabala. The Sun in the 52nd hexagram is mapped to an opening in an energy channel called a gate, and which is the 52nd gate located on the upper right side of the Root center in a logical collective energy path called the "Channel of Concentration". I have found HD to be amazingly accurate and my primary tool when I provide readings. The black strips of paper in this diagram represent the gates activated by the Sun, Planets, and Nodes regardless if they form a channel. So we have the following hanging gates or potentials at the beginning of this 1 - Road trecena; the Earth in the 58, the Sun in the 52, the North node in the 1 and South Node in the 2, Mercury in the 62, Venus in the 31, Jupiter in the 15, and Neptune in the 55. Obviously not every gate activation forms a channel, but this information can be very helpful if you know your own Human Design chart, because some of these transits will form channels with potentials in your personal body graph. I'm not going to follow the moon with this demonstration, because it moves so fast that it activates three to four gates a day.

    On 1 - Eb or Road we have two channels defined. Pluto in the 38 and Saturn in the 28 we have the Channel of Struggle which will be affecting us until the beginning of August. This brings experiences where people struggle against overwhelming odds. It is through this archetypal "hero's journey" of fighting for our purpose that empowers others to stubbornly fight for what holds meaning for them. This is about empowerment that comes from being who we are meant to be instead of following the conditioning of our families, schools, religions and governments. They are said to be deaf, so they don't hear the other and become distracted from their authentic path.

      The other channel has Mars in the 45th gate, with Uranus in the 21 and Mars in the 45, we have the 21-45 channel called the "Money Line" which is tribal so it's about resources and support of the family and those people that even if they are not blood, they are part of your tribe or extended family. During this trecena this will condition folks to gain resources through their will power, often without others to collaborate with. This will bring into focus who are the "haves" and who are the "have-nots" on the material plane. This is a time period when people will believe that they can manifest what they want through their will, which completes July 2nd when Mars moves to the 12th gate, so those folks who have not completed their will to materialism by that date will find their efforts fall flat.

Later on the 1st the Sun moves from the 52 to the 39 and the Earth moves from the 58 to the 38. The Sun in the 39 connects with Neptune in the 55 which brings the Channel of Emoting, until the 6th, which will be a time period when people feel pressure in the form of an emotional wave. The best way to deal with this level of sensitivity is to appreciate the lows as well as the highs. Recognizing that it is all part of our human experience and is temporary for those of us who don't have this channel in our birth charts. This can bring lessons that yield wisdom as long as we can stay present in moving from hope to despair and back to hope in this cycle. We can tap into great creativity by fueling our melancholy or feeling "blue" into some form of artistic expression. This brings deeply romantic and acoustic sensitivity so listening to music or talking with a loved one is favored.

     Before I get into the daily energy of the Eb trecena, I thought I'd look at the metaphysics of July 2013. July is the seventh month and with the digits for 2013, when added together we get 13, then we add 1 + 3 to tell us that this is a thirteen/four month in numerology, which brings organization, planning and effort to events and activities that began unfolding in June, so they can move to the next level of manifestation. The thirteen/four combination is represented by the Death/Emperor tarot cards which is about our releasing the unnecessary and obstacles to moving forward on our paths to ultimately empower others through our example of selfless and enlightened leadership. The theme of leadership is also being felt astrologically with Venus and the Sun moving into and through Leo. Interestingly the day Venus leaves Leo is the day the Sun enters Leo so we have planetary activations in the sign of leadership every day of this Emperor month.

      In June we had the majority of the planets returning to water activating the grand trine from Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Jupiter and Mars as they move into and through Cancer connecting in a very favorable grand trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces during June and July. A second grand trine, this time in earth, appears on July 29, which has been a point of interest for many because the planets form a hexagram with the water trine. This will be short lived because it involves the Moon and Venus along with Pluto, so its impact will at best last a day. The intensity peaks towards the end of July as Mars brings even more instability to the Uranus Pluto square pushing us to follow our own individual authentic paths rather than submitting to the machinery of governments and corporations.

     Mars moves into Cancer on the last day of the Road trecena, July 13th, joining the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in the sign of the nurturer of the Zodiac with its focus on home and family, but also on using our feelings to determine if our outer world is in alignment with our inner world. This also brings an emphasis of the element of water with this stellium or group of planets in Cancer, along with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio, the other two water signs. As these planets move through Cancer they form a grand trine from Jupiter on the 17th and Mars on the 20th, with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. It's interesting seeing Neptune and Saturn "play" together, but I think working on creativity will be an excellent way to merge these energies. This is a very positive transit when these planets are between 4 and 5 degrees of Cancer. Later when the same planets approach 10 to 12 degrees Cancer they are opposed by Pluto and challenged by Uranus which continues the wave of transformation as it receives another series of pulses due to these planetary alignments. The Pluto Uranus square is activated by the Sun for the first week of July and Mars during the last week. I think July comes in like a Lion and leaves like a Lion.

    As we begin July, all the planets appear to move forward from our vantage point on Earth except Mercury, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto which appear to move retrograde or in reverse motion. As I've said before planets don't really move in reverse in their orbits, but appear to move backward much like being in a car passing a slower moving car. There is a point where the slower moving car appears to be moving in reverse when compared to landmarks in the far distance. Mercury is retrograde until July 20th so the beginning of July would be a good time to avoid signing contracts or other legal papers, making any major purchases, or even taking a new job. If you can postpone these types of activities the terms will be much clearer after Mercury is moving direct. Mercury retrogrades force us to slow down and pay more attention to our lives by making us focus on the details of our daily experience. The retrograde cycle provides information about a change or correction in our cosmic course. In the sign of Cancer, the themes of powerful feelings, emotional awareness, and intuition, guiding our adjustments within our homes and families will be particularly apparent and could have a profound effect on our lives. If you look at the house of your astrological chart that contains 13 to 23 degrees of Cancer, you can find the theme where you will experience revisions, reviews and rethinking of the characteristics represented by that house. With Jupiter newly in Cancer, this time period may very well push us out of our comfort zone as we become aware of our new journey. By the middle of July Mercury is slowing down as it stops and turns direct at 13 degrees Cancer on the 20th. When a planet slows down to a stop from our perspective here on earth, that planet is considered to be at the peak of its power. Even folks who don't follow astrology are aware of Mercury retrograde's effect on communication, technology and travel. From the 15th to the 23rd is the most difficult energy of this retrograde cycle because as Mercury is at a standstill it is also within orb to opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus thus creating a T-square that people will feel as pressure that may lead to unexpected events. I'd realize that folks are more likely to pop, so use some caution and awareness when dealing with people who may feel stressed and don't know why. This time before Mercury changes directions would be wise to pay closer attention to things that you say, instructions that you have to read, contracts that must be signed. Mercury retrograde during this period, will spend 10 weeks in the sign of Cancer which will be a time of reviewing our homes and families from the perspective of security. I think it's important during the middle of July to be aware of Mercury being at the peak of its power due to its stopped motion as it changes direction, that the Greek god Hermes, who the Romans renamed to Mercury, was also the trickster god. He was the messenger of the Gods and if you weren't on his good side you might not get your message or it might be altered to mean something different than was intended. I think this quote from Joseph Campbell describing the trickster is also a great description of Mercury retrograde: "Almost all non-literate mythology has a trickster-hero of some kind. . . . And there’s a very special property in the trickster: he always breaks in, just as the unconscious does, to trip up the rational situation. He’s both a fool and someone who’s beyond the system. And the trickster represents all those possibilities of life that your mind hasn’t decided it wants to deal with. The mind structures a lifestyle, and the fool or trickster represents another whole range of possibilities. He doesn’t respect the values that you’ve set up for yourself, and smashes them. . . . The fool is the breakthrough of the absolute into the field of controlled social orders."

    Saturn is retrograde until July 8th, appearing to be in reverse motion can be compared to a time period of recuperation or back tracking regarding some obstacle in the path. So during this One Road trecena Saturn is stopping and at the peak of its power. Themes of Saturn in Scorpio are loss, depression, failure, fear, the shadow, betrayal, the stuff that goes deep. Superficial just won't cut it with Saturn in Scorpio. I have seen many in relationships have to make very hard choices under Saturn in Scorpio, including folks having to amputate people from their lives to preserve their connection to something greater than themselves. Saturn entered into its retrograde shadow period on November 15, 2012 when it reached the point it will turn direct at 5 degrees Scorpio, which brought us a period of time where we received information regarding our commitments that came up for review under Saturn's retrograde period from February 18th to July 8th in 2013. This ultimately will yield a change in course regarding these themes during the period from July 8th to October 14th. After its retrograde period we can advance forward toward our goals a little more rested and with a more efficient process as long as we honor it, rather than trying to push through regardless of resistance.

    Chiron retrograde in Pisces is about releasing stuck emotional energy, so that we can return to the natural flow of life. Chiron is the wounded healer in Greek mythology. He was a teacher, healer, and astrologer to the Gods. Retrograde Chiron has us reviewing our wounds so that they can be released, by having the courage to open our hearts to any fear or pain associated with our past. When Chiron is in Pisces people are willing to sacrifice their individual pain in hopes of finding bliss in Universal consciousness. At its worst this can manifest as folks justifying their victimhood as some form of martyrdom. This should be transcendence and surrender with losing ourselves in the experience. The retrograde aspect brings a longing for lost loves and the memories of our losses, encouraging us to return to look at our core wounds and bring them to the surface so they can be healed. Another trap of Chiron in Pisces is codependent relationships where we focus on healing others rather than ourselves. Chiron will turn direct in November, so this time of exploring the depths of our psyche will be with us for months to come.  Retrograde Neptune in Pisces is seeking transcendence through spiritual experiences. This will be a time to use spiritual practices to keep us grounded as we expand our intuition and consciousness. This will be important energy to nurture as we are in the middle of four years of the unexpected rebellion of the individual (Uranus in Aries) challenging the decaying power structure (Pluto in Capricorn). This will be a difficult time of upheaval, destruction, death, unexpected change, natural disasters, violence and war, so finding our own peace in our connection to spirit will be an important quality to cultivate now for the tumultuous road ahead. Neptune pushes us to transcend the physical world to connect with our higher purpose and spiritual transformation, but also encourages escapism as some will seek unconsciousness while others to awaken. With Pluto, the planet of transformation through a death and rebirth cycle, moving retrograde, which is about reviewing the past, and will require releasing anything from the past that is a burden to our new path. We can choose to let go or we can have it ripped from our hands, really all we have is the choice about how we want to react, but Pluto will take our baggage regardless of our attachment, if it doesn't have a purpose in our rebirth. Pluto represents death, completion, and in Capricorn, the breakdown of structures, to bring about transformation.

    Ok let's look at the daily vibrational energy for this trecena. July 1st 2013 is 1 – Eb "eb" or Road: unity experienced through serving your community, with Venus square Saturn which can be a day of having difficulty relating to others, feeling cool, reserved, isolated... Many will be reevaluating what they are getting out of their relationships as compared to what they are putting in. If you feel loneliness or depression on the 1st, just realize that this too shall pass. Also the Sun opposing Pluto colors the day's energy which can cause rather intense encounters with others or circumstances that expose something that was hidden or that we chose to ignore, for the purpose of transforming an old worn out pattern that can no longer serve us. This indicates power struggles with others, particularly people in authority. This day really has the hallmark of relationship difficulties that could possibly lead to breakups. you may want to keep that in mind rather than trying to repair the damage of today's words or deeds later on down the road. Overall we are talking about transformation on some level as a shift is required away from doing things the same old way. The Cancer Capricorn axis will bring tension related to balancing home and family with career and responsibilities in the outer world, with the Moon in harmony with Mars and Jupiter, and challenged by Mercury. The day's energy moves from desiring to work independently from others, with people being critical in their communications particularly with the people they have intimate relationships with, to later in the day feeling in the flow and having a sense of wholeness. The 2nd is 2 - Ben "ben" or Reed or Corn: duality experienced maintaining the home, with the Taurus Moon opposed by Saturn, in harmony with Neptune and the Sun, challenged by Venus, and supported by Pluto. The day's emotional wave moves from feeling lonely and isolated while also being very sensitive to the moods of others, yet having pleasant social energy for getting to know people, later Pluto brings out intense emotions and stimulates sensitivity, which also favors sexual relationships, and finally feeling balance between our inner and outer worlds. July 3rd is 3 - Ix "eesh" or Jaguar: taking action through enjoying nature, with the Moon in Taurus in harmony with Mercury which is a day with increased communications. Lots of chatting with friends, neighbors, coworkers... This is not likely to be very profound, just being social. Try to avoid gossiping under this influence. The 4th is 4 - Men "men" – Eagle: stability through seeing from a higher perspective, with the Sun squaring Uranus continuing to activate the t-square of opposing Pluto while directing that opposition toward Uranus. This can bring sudden upsets or behavior that is upsetting to others. This is a day to expect the unexpected such as cars breaking down unexpectedly, a sudden ending of a relationship, an argument that begins "out of nowhere", or other disruptive event that could not be foreseen. When I saw this alignment on "Independence Day" in the United States, I immediately thought this will be a powerful factor in the USA solar return chart for 2013 with Uranus in a tight square to the United States natal Sun on the nation's birthday. Just like doing a solar return reading for a person, we can look at a nation's solar return chart to forecast the themes of events for that nation for the upcoming year. I used Ebenezer Sibly's chart from the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which is July 4th, 1776 Philadelphia Pennsylvania at 5:10 pm. The Sun in Cancer, is at 13 degrees 19 minutes opposing the solar return Pluto and tightly squaring Uranus... can you say chaos and darkness? But then Jupiter in Cancer is filling in the grand trine to Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio... we have spiritual work being favored. But what I find most interesting is the tight Yod or Finger of Fate from the Solar Return Moon sextile Venus and both planets inconjunct or at a very uncomfortable 150 degrees pointing at Pluto in Capricorn. The solar return in Washington DC has 3 degrees Aries ascendant so the signs line up with the houses they rule. So what does it all mean? The Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in the fourth house and in Cancer, bring even more focus on the security of home and family as what we're thinking about and discussing and on some level where we find our confidence. But those homes are being opposed by Pluto in Capricorn which is death and rebirth of structures that have out grown their usefulness... particularly governments, corporations, and religions. Pluto is in the 10th house so this is about the way the United States is seen in the world will go through a transformation. Saturn in the seventh is about limitation in our one to one relationships perhaps between the president and other world leaders or other individuals in the government. This is also the house of open enemies in a tight trine to Neptune in the twelfth house along with Chiron, which is about our illusions and wounding being our self undoing and having a blind spot towards our secret enemies. Uranus in Aries, as the head of the T-square from the opposition of the Sun and Pluto, is in the first house, which brings unexpected change and revolution to the identity of the people living in the United States. But what I'm most taken with is the finger of fate pointing directly at Pluto at 10 degrees from the Gemini Moon at 9 degrees and Venus in Leo also at 9 degrees. Given how fast the Moon moves I think this is significant at the exact moment the Sun returns to the point when the USA was born. With Pluto in Capricorn in the tenth, I think that the United States government and people are going to experience a major transformation as to how they are seen around the globe. Also on the 4th the Gemini Moon challenged by Neptune and in harmony with Venus, which has the emotional energy moving from daydreams and fantasies feeling more important than reality, to later having pleasant energy to be with friends and loved ones. July 5th is 5 - Cib "keeb" or Wisdom: empowerment through introspection, meditation and forgiveness, with the Moon in Gemini in harmony with Uranus, which is pleasant yet restless energy that desires emotional excitement. People may enter our lives at this time to shake things up where we've become lethargic. The 6th is 6 - Caban "kah-ban" or Earth: being in the flow through gratitude for Mother Earth, with the Moon conjunct Mars and Jupiter. Emotionally the day moves from irritable feelings and critical communications, to good feelings and generosity towards others. These two planetary influences on the moon can bring a surge of activities with Mars increasing the pace, and Jupiter opening the floodgates of beliefs and feelings working as one. I think we'll be more aware of peoples passions during the 6th. July 7th is 7 - Etznab "etz-nob" or Flint: reflection through being introspective, as Venus trines Uranus which is a great day to try something out of the ordinary. The daily routine will just not cut it under this influence. Folks are looking to do something stimulating in their social lives and relationships. A day when there may be unique encounters and love relationships that begin under this influence are exciting, electric, unstable and short, but have a strong potential to change our lives. This could also bring unconventional agreements in our relationship  such as agreeing to change from a exclusive coupling to experimenting with having other lovers. Experiencing different types of entertainment is also favored by this transit, by enjoying music, art, or theater that is outside your normal choices, with the Moon in Cancer trine Saturn and Neptune, opposite Pluto and square Uranus. The day moves from a more sober and realistic view of life with our innermost subconscious fantasies and daydreams confusing the process, which may not be great for accomplishing much work, while we settle into a more sober and realistic view of life, and later this shifts to feeling deep emotions rising to the surface, and finally people are likely to act hasty and jump to conclusions. The 8th is 8 - Cauac "cow-ack" or Storm: balance through recognizing the gifts in adversity, as Saturn turns direct which will take a while to pick up speed but this begins a time period where we can implement a course correction regarding an obstacle that has been in our path over the last few months. Also on the 8th we have the Cancer New Moon. New moons are times of new beginnings and in Cancer is about shifting and changing of our families and home life to bring more security. New Moons bring the opportunity to set an intension for manifestation on the following full moon. Look to the house of your astrology chart that contains 16 degrees Cancer to consider what area of your life is being activated by this new moon. For me that would be my first house of self, the body, style, dispositions, mannerisms, and outward behavior, so I would set an intension related to using this energy. With Jupiter transiting Cancer for the next year, these themes will get an extra boost. The moon merges with the Sun and retrograde Mercury which is positive for integrating our thoughts and moods. With Saturn turning direct during this new moon, we may have a sense that our new beginning is somehow fated or predetermined. Overall this brings the feeling that something big is being born. This may also amplify the need for security. These new situations will assist us in aligning with our emotional connections. July 9th is 9 - Ahau "ah-how" or Sun: patience experienced through honoring the wisdom and memory of our ancestors, as the Sun merges with retrograde Mercury, which prior to turning retrograde Mercury appears to be way out in front of the Sun, then retrogrades back to conjoin the Sun, and then falls behind the Sun. Prior to mechanized warfare Generals would send their cavalry ahead of the infantry to scout out the enemy's location, find possible resources, as well as the lay of the terrain to move the troops with maximum efficiency, safety and to their strategic advantage. I like to think of Mercury when it is stretching out in front of the Sun as gathering intelligence to report back to our consciousness' during its conjunction to the Sun. Using these two markers connected with a rubber band, I am hoping to illustrate this pattern. When Mercury, represented by the black marker, is in front of the Sun, represented by the red marker, it becomes easier to be overwhelmed by the increase in new information that seems to have no place to be deposited. This can increase our anxiety and the sense of losing control. As Mercury retrogrades the tension decreases until it merges with the Sun, which occurs on July 9th, finding the destination for the intelligence it has gathered. Once behind the Sun, Mercury feels as though it is creating drag that retards the possibility of implementing the new data until it regains forward motion in its pursuit of the Sun on July 20th. With all the Cancer energy from the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, we are expanding our emotional awareness to move in new directions regarding the security of home and family, as the Leo Moon is challenged by Saturn which may bring a few hours of feeling lonely and out of touch with others. The 10th is 10 - Imix "e-meesh" or Crocodile: manifestation through nurturing new beginnings, with the Moon in Leo finding support from Uranus and merging with Venus. The day's emotional energy moves from craving emotional excitement and doing something outside the daily routine, to later feeling cheerful, warm, gregarious, and wanting to go out and socialize. July 11th is 11 - Ik "eek" or Wind: resolution through communication, with the Leo Moon in harmony with Mars which brings a few hours of people wanting to work independently and may express themselves with courage. The 12th is 12 - Akbal "awk-bol" or Night: understanding through contemplating the stars, with the Virgo Moon in harmony with Jupiter and Saturn, opposed by Neptune, and supported by Pluto. Early in the day we want to be with old friends and have congenial interactions, but later has us wanting to be alone in our thoughts and feelings, while feeling sensitive emotionally but confused regarding the accuracy of what's being felt, and finally feeling on a deeper more intense level under the influence of Pluto. July 13th is 13 - Kan "con" or Seed: movement to the next stage through planting seeds and making new connections, as Mars moves into Cancer which adds another planet to the sign of the nurturer. Mars brings power and strength that is subtle like water running down hill, it may not seem to be doing much but over time it can carve out the land to form a great canyon or otherwise completely change the landscape, with the Moon in Virgo stimulated by Mercury and the Sun. The day begins with communications and social exchanges picking up related to common interests, and later shifts to feelings of inner and outer equanimity.

    So no matter what energies are affecting you during this 1 Road trecena, take some time to be in the flow of the planet by being in nature, watching a sunrise or sunset, communing with the stars, being conscious of the moment through introspection, meditation or being with someone you love. Every day is a blessing no matter what dramas beckon to distract us. We are all giving the performance of a life time on this world stage, just take some time to observe the play as well as act your part. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

    Thank you for checking out New World Birth. The next segment of "Care and feeding of a New World Age" will be on July 14th 2013 for 1 – Chicchan "chee-chan" or Serpent, also Uranus turning retrograde, Mercury turning direct, Venus moving into Virgo, the Sun moving into Leo, and the Aquarius Full Moon. You can check us out on Facebook, YouTube and the Mayan Majix website. I encourage you to share this information as videos or text as widely as you choose. As always I invite you to contact me at if you have any questions or wish to schedule a reading. I am providing readings and wish to make this service available to the greatest amount of folks, so I’ve created three options with three levels of compensation. These readings are designed to provide information to help you navigate these difficult times. At the basic level we will look at your human design chart to help you understand how to use your individual strategy and authority in making life decisions based on your unique design. I include the next three months of astrological transits as they relate to your natal and progressed astrology charts, along with the human design reading at the middle level. At the top level the human design and astrological transit reading will be recorded and sent to you as an MP3 file to be downloaded to your computer. So if you've been thinking about getting a reading, please contact me, as I would like to provide you a reading during these uncertain times. You will need to be able to either call me in Maine in the U.S.A. or connect with Skype to receive your reading. I am also accepting donations to keep these reports freely available. On Facebook it's pretty simple to make a donation, go to "About" on the New World Birth Facebook page and click on the website link under "Contact", it will take you directly to making a donation to the New World Birth PayPal account. Otherwise you can find it on PayPal under the e-mail address. As always I am blessed that you've taken the time to connect with my passion for these ancient mysteries and their application to our journey during this incarnation. The light in me honors the light in you… Namaste – In Lak’ech - <3

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